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Sun Stolen

January 14, 2021


I am with you like a shadow. 

Always at your heel, always chasing after your step. A constant friend in this too-bright world. I grow with you. Take shape for you. I am here because of you.

I will always have your back, but it is the sun whom you will always give your diamond smile to. 

And it is this sun of yours who casts me as your silhouette; your forgettable friend. 

You, who is dotted with freckles like a sunflower is with seeds. You, who has been star-chosen and solar-loved to the point where your hair is that of honey-drip and golden-thread. From youth, the sun would take hold of you by your chin and personally kissed your nose and each cheek,  shy and gentle like - until you would blush, than brown.

O, how I wished it stopped there...

This sun of yours is so greedy, so promiscuous, you see; all it does is take. As you grow and dare to show more wall-white skin, to fit your curves into bikinis so small, it takes its time claiming you. From your nose, to your cheeks, down to your shoulders, than even deeper down to the very soft of your inner thigh. 

The sun colours you pink, possessively so. But with me, someone hungry and in need of your love, it has me swallowed by the dark of your shadow instead. Never allowed to be the sole captor of your attention, but always in your life as a thing easily chased away but light so devilish.

What a torturously teasing existence, this life of mine. 

And what a selfish being, this sun of yours; to take both your heart and your body long before I could ever hope to win your smile.

How I want to damn this sun in my land of shadows. But we are prisoners of the sun, you see. 

We have both been equally stolen in one form or another. 
I just want to thank Esoteric for not only a lovely peer review on my other piece, Moon Stolen (ah, yes. I did fix the title, thank you for that again), but also for the idea to write a parallel work to match. I hope this meets your expectation, Es, and that you all enjoy! 


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  • Zirong

    I am left speechless. My eyes and mind are blessed every time I read your piece. <3

    4 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    SP: "...comment on every piece you post."

    4 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    Wow. I post a raving moment on every piece of your work, so you must be getting a little tired of them by now. But wow. This whole Prose-poem was absolutely incredible, but here is a line that really stuck out to me: "You, who has been star-chosen and solar-loved" I feel like we often hear stories about people who are either one or the other, but I love who you use both. It harmonizes with the feverish, sun-kissed- ecstasy of this piece.

    4 months ago
  • Treblemaker

    Hi its Esoteric :) (poof name change) Anyways love this! Glad I could inspire and there are so many beautiful lines!

    4 months ago
  • thea_ivy

    Beautiful writing<3

    4 months ago
  • xx carolina xx

    ..Your way of describing just anything is just.. *chef's kiss*
    great work, my dude.

    4 months ago