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2021-2022 Seattle Youth Poet Laureate

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I like spaceships, temples, and tea.

Some of my favorite poets and poet-adjacent-people: Federico Garcia Lorca, Ocean Vuong, Annie Dillard, Italo Calvino, Arundhati Roy, Michael Ondaatje, Becky Chambers, Pablo Neruda... The list goes on.

I am on here way too much.

My book is out next June! It feels wonderful to be able to say that with such certainty!

There are so many excellent writers on this site, but if you are new and looking for a place to start, check out: Paisley Blue, aosora, wishtree, aismic, Starlitskies, R.j.Elsewhere, amaryllis, .. ugh there are so many more....

Two Dimensional Oscillations

January 15, 2021


I haven’t been breathing well lately. No fresh air. My oscillations are stationary. I celebrate by brain’s success trapped in an aching body. My Washington bedroom has become a portal to New York.

The rich pastels of early Winter are locked behind glass.
My breaths are locked behind glass.
My jubilation is Two Dimensional.

In chemistry class, instead of studying the universe's fundamental building blocks, I think about the entropy pulling my gut into my stomach, pulling my stomach into my heart, and my heart into my brain. The imaginary walls are breaking, but the real ones are solid. 

I lose myself to an infinity without density. Dimensional analysis fails to yield Three Dimensional forms.

My work wasn’t published in the New York Times, only my name. 


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  • Starlitskies

    Re: Hey! I received your essay! I’m a little busy tonight but I’ll definitely give it a proper read soon! I skimmed through and it looks very promising! XD
    I noticed that you’ve given me edit rights on the document, does that mean you’re open to constructive criticism?
    It’s great that you’ve gotten more time to write and fifty feet of snow, wow! I bet it’s really beautiful though. :)
    It has been so much fun talking to you too! Sending lots of love! <3

    7 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Re: Thank you for answering all my questions! <3 Can I ask why you have your reservations about So-Cal? And wow that must be one cold beach! Does it ever snow where you live? I’ve never ever seen snow in my entire life lol.

    Sri Lanka is quite the opposite with the Liberal arts education; it seems only a couple of universities offer it. But if I do come to the US, I guess I could pursue two degrees during my undergrad years. I’ve heard of Uchicago and that’s awesome you were wait-listed! *fingers crossed* And yes, I’ve looked into the Five Sisters and Barnard is on my list.

    A degree in linguistics sounds interesting and challenging, but you’d excel, no doubt. Ooooh yes, an essayist would be awesome too! Speaking of essayists have you read any Zadie Smith? I recently bought her book ‘White Teeth’, still haven’t read it though. Speech writing could be quite a difficult field to break into. Did you write for the speech writing competition on the site last year? I joined WtW around that time, but was quite perplexed with the workings of the site to enter the competition lol. I agree with you about trying to make any money off poetry haha. But I’m definitely going to publish a book of poetry in the future. And omg your interpretation of chemistry as a language is intriguing; it’s beautiful and I can’t help but agree! :)

    I’m so sorry to hear that. I know that we don’t know each other well, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to talk or if you’re just having a bad day. Now that I read back on this piece I can see references. I hope you don’t limit yourself because of this, but no need for me to say anything, you’re already doing amazing out here. <3<3<3

    The downside to saving work is that you don’t have the guarantee that it’ll be published someday, but I still keep doing it anyway. *facepalms* I’ve resorted to avoiding free writing on the site and publishing prompt answers only, but that’s a maddening creative restraint! I recently emailed WtW to clarify the implications of ‘publishing’ on WtW in comparison to real world publication, but I haven’t heard from them yet. I’ll let you know when they respond. I don’t have any writer friends or mentors here at home, so I’m really skeptical when I submit to magazines, because I don’t feel confident to submit my work until I get a second opinion. WtW is a good place to get reviews. But then, it defeats the purpose because your work becomes “previously published”. ugh. Do you get a second opinion on your pieces before you submit? And if so, where? It’s funny how writing seems perfect while the exhilaration lasts, but the more you put time between it and yourself, you start seeing holes and places where the words taste bland. And yes, if you don’t mind, I’d love to see your essay. Hope you’re doing well! Sending love! <3

    7 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Re: Omg you meant it literally!!! That’s so awesome! Congratulations! Do you think you’ll ever publish it on WtW? I’d love to read it! <3
    And I actually enjoyed answering all those questions. XD I do have a couple of questions: Have you ever visited Huntington Beach? I’ve had a postcard of it since I was little and I’ve always wanted to visit. And do you know anything about the college/university experience in USA? I’m thinking of applying to study abroad. It’s a dream to get into an Ivy League university. I doubt I’ll get selected haha, but I like to think that it can’t hurt to try.
    Also can I ask you a serious question: What to do you plan to do with your writing in the future? It’s evident that you’re one of the more exceptional writers here with a distinct style, do you plan to do something with it? I myself can never equate to your writing, but I really do want to pursue my writing. I discovered this passion too late into my current subjects. Now I feel like I should’ve chosen English literature. But I really love the sciences too. Ugh I hate that life confines you to a single profession!!! :( It’d be so cool to pursue English and science at the same time.
    And another more light-hearted question: I’ve noticed that you’re super fast with your writing and publish on WtW frequently, and this never seems to affect the quality of your writing; it’s so magical and stunning all the time! <3 Do you have a specific writing routine? I struggle quite a lot with this. I do have quite too many ideas a day, but I end up saving them in the hopes of submitting them to be published in magazines. I don’t know if it’s a mistake, because I’m still quite young and it seems like a stretch to even try to break into online magazines and compete with adults. I would love your thoughts on this.
    Sorry for all the questions. Hope you’re doing well. Sending much love <3<3<3

    7 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Stunning! The third stanza is gold. I don't understand the last line though; can I ask what it means?

    7 months ago
  • janevra

    i've literally been binging your writing... it's so good! this piece kind of reminds me of a quarantine-type feeling, especially the lines "I lose myself to an infinity without density" and "the imaginary walls are breaking, but the real ones are solid". an anti-mimesis, life-imitates-art type feeling.

    8 months ago
  • AstroWriter

    You have a great talent of writing. I encourage you to write on and many people are addicted! And the last line is just wow.

    8 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    To know the gravity of New York without ever yearning for it. To drown in the absolute hopelessness of stale air. I do hope you're alright, though. Some points where you indicate bodily sound to put the reader into your p.o.v sound like common effects of an on-the-low panic attack, the ones that happen and you almost never know they did. I loved the work, I hope you live for breath.

    8 months ago
  • Treblemaker

    Well hello there Yellowsweater XD fancy seeing you here haha. What a beautiful piece <3

    8 months ago
  • nopenopenope

    i hate chemistry, but somehow you made it romantic?

    HHHH- I saw your message board - I love The Durrells in Corfu. Just started watching.

    8 months ago
  • amaryllis

    You had me checking the NYT just then! Any news with that?

    And then aside from that, YOUR CHEMISTRY METAPHORS WHA-? then there's all the fun stuff you did with the capitalization, "rich pastels", and somehow you made me somewhat like DA for once.

    8 months ago