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Parise the Great

May 11, 2015

How great do you think Zach Parise is? Zach Parise is phenomonal player that scored 146 goals in just 2 years at Shattuck-St. Marys high school when most valuable hockey players in high school only score about 20-30 goals in one year. After high school Zach Parise got drafted in the first round, and 17th overall pick but opted to go play college for the University of North Dakota Fighting sioux. With his first year playing in college he made the WCHA All-Rookie team, and in his second season with the Fighting Sioux he made not only the WCHA All-Star team, but also the NCAA First team All-American. With those accomplishments of becoming one of the top 5 players in his conference the first season, and the top 5 player of the league his second season he felt he was ready to take his game to the next level, and when on to the show.

In his first five seasons with the New Jersey Devils he tallied an average of 32 goals and 35 assists. Six of his ten seasons he has reached the 30 goals scored mark, but most players in the NHL score between 15, and 25 which shows the two time olympian deserves some respect for his talent. This past season he managed to score 33 goals and ranked 10th in the league with 11 of them being power play goals that ranked him 11th in the league. This playoff season he managed to rank first in shorthanded goals scored, and sixth in points so far.

Even though the Wild lost to the Blackhawks he shined all season and, gave us the hustle every player should have, and his perserverance rewarded him his goals and scoring chances. With his relatively new home in Minnesota he feels very comfortable, and loves playing for state of hockey that has the strong home ice advantage with 18,000 fans showing up to cheer on their favorite hockey team. Zach Parise is a household name and will most certainly be a name to remember when he goes to the Hall of Fame

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