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tw: miscarriage?


January 13, 2021


mother pours her heart and soul into her nest,
flitting back and forth between her wooden box
and the meadow grass, fashioning a pillow
for her offspring until she pricks her fingertips
on the needle and bleeds; the drops fall like
rain upon the wood and stain it dark maroon.
still she embroiders their names in the fabric,
imagines bringing groceries home every night
so her children can eat, wonders if they’ll love
her forever or if they’ll sink into rebellion in
their teenage years. mother thinks about
staring at an empty nesting box when the
winter comes, watching for the return of their
blue feathers and pretty songs after they
fledge, only to be forgotten. the bluebird preens
her feathers and watches the eggs on the
couch, waiting and  w a i t i n g  for them to
finally hatch. but they stay silent. father keeps
an eye on mother, concern in his heart when
he tells her you need your rest and she says
i need to keep watching maybe they’ll hatch
but the months fly by and they never do.
mother goes to the doctor and hears the word
miscarriage for the first time, mother tears
down the pictures of her children-to-be to
appease father, but she secretly flips through
the pages of what could have been when
he isn’t looking.
wondering what it would have been like if all the "what if"s came true


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