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January 27, 2021


The year 1862

    Marietta walked out of the house and into the bleak summer night of whistling winds, straight to the hard worn sea. She dropped down right at the very edge of the tide, now low, and lost herself in the screams and horrors imagined up from the dapples of foam, and let the little fingers of the far reaching sea fondle her toes until at last she fell back, and let herself be completely engulfed.
    “Marietta. A drop of bitter sea.
     That was what Rosamunde always called her. But now she was away.
    She lulled and sank and nearly floated up to the clouds, and then awareness struck and she sat up and looked about. And promptly gave a little gasp and then a quite large yelp, for standing a few feet away was a boy all dressed up in evening wear, with a scarf and a coat thrown about his shoulders, clearly in a hurry. He looked ghastly offended at her sudden dismay, and quickly asked,
    “Why do you lay in the sea? Isn’t it dreadfully cold at this time of year?”
    “Why yes.” She replied, in the tone of voice she only used around her grandmother and father.
    “Well, now your all wet and probably rather cold. Would you like my coat? Clotilde made me throw it on before I left, she didn’t want me to catch cold and be sick before my birthday. Did you know it is to be my thirteenth birthday next Monday?”
    “Why no.” Marietta gazed down at her sandy feet and shyly slipped herself into the boy’s coat. It was much too large.
    “You do realize that it is simply impossible to have an entire conversation by only saying ‘why’, don’t you?”
    She blushed and looked down even further.
    “Well, what’s your name?”
    “Marietta.” She said.
    “Well, mine’s Antoine Guipure Gauthier.” He said very proudly. She fingered the the lace round her collar and smiled.     He asked yet again asked another question, “How long are you staying here Mademoiselle?”
    “A few weeks more at least.”
    “Oh that’s pleasant. My grandfather and I are staying through the summer, he says that he can’t possibly take the heat of the south, much to his doctors dismay.”
    She smiled again and held her gaze to his feet, they were bare and rather dirty. The sea washed up and down the shore and for a moment all was well.
    “Marietta,” he said and looked at her little shivering figure and wet locks.
    “MARIETTA!” A little girl was running down the beach. Her unstockinged legs were very pale against the black dress she wore.
    Marietta blushed an even deeper shade of red. “Oh Marisol, you are supposed to be back at the house napping.”
    The girl came to a stop as she neared the pair. “Well, Marietta you’ve found yourself a friend and want to keep him all to yourself, don’t you?”
    Marietta uttered a little cough in reply and one again looked down.
    Marisol’s little mouth turned up to a smile and she said “Oh Marietta, Lisette just sent me down to summon you up to the house, they’ve got something to tell you.”
    “Oh alright run and tell tell I’m coming.” Marietta said, and off the little messenger went running.
She looked up at Antoine and smiled. He looked her straight in the eyes and mused.
I think this is going to be a series, also pleeeease reveiw :)

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  • Sunflower~

    I loooove this!!! I can't wait to read the next piece!! ;)

    6 months ago