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Crystal Fog: A Ghost Story

January 13, 2021


(start with quote from There eyes were Watching God prompt)

"Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board. Airplanes float with the jubilant echoes of bright dreams. Trains racing by are spurred by man's tumbling thoughts, trapped between the pistons." One said. 
"What does that make you and I?" Asked the other.
"Corpses don't have wishes. Or pressing thoughts. All of that has gone with our last breath."
"Then why do I still... feel?" 
"Because you have only just turned over. You are still attached."
The ghost shimmered against the dark moon. A shapeless shadow that resembled almost everything, and took the shape of nothing at all. Its once human eyes now replaced with two mirrors of reflecting glass. Black and sparking like the night sky in the graveyard. A transparent thing that resembled a hand materialized from the frothy fabric of its body. 
"Rise young corpse. It isn't so bad, being dead is just another part of life. An inevitable part."
The new ghost, frightened, clutched its black, curved  gravestone. Its hands were still separate from its body, its feet still showing toes and knees. It hovered a few inches from the ground and gripped the cold rough surface of the stone with all its might.
"Come young soul, come away from what is human. There is no boat, and your wishes are not on it."
The other ghost took a shaky breath - remnant actions from the living world - and shook its head. 
"I-I can not. I must still see, I must protect them."
"Who?" Asked the shimmering blob, the hand still gently held in front. "Who is so important you can not come with me?"
The new ghost had very human eyes, not yet turned to two mirrors of reflecting glass. "Jo." He said, the human voice cracking slightly,  "And Liam. And Neveah and Emma and, and, Jesus and Connor and Bellah... everyone. I want to see everyone."
The ghost shimmer flickered softly, its own form of pity. "You can still see them young one, in time. But in this form, half human, half spirit- it is too dangerous."
The frightened almost human examined its shaking figure, "I need to say I'm sorry, to apologize. My mother... she will miss me. I must tell her I am ok."
The ghosts hand materialized back into its shapeless being and the top of its frame bent slightly in solitude towards the neophyte of a ghost. 
"I am sorry." it said sadly, "Truly I am. Leaving the world of breathing, crying individuals- twas a testament to my very character. Twas my last heartache, to turn away. However your corpse has been buried, the tears for you wept bitterly, and likely will be wept again. Over and over. That, my young friend, is a part of life. A part of living. Seeing the ones you love finish life before you do."
The human ghosts' figure flickered, its hands gripped its gravestone tighter, but its legs have already begun to melt into one wispy figure.
"No!" He cried in sorrow, "I swore to be there, with them, watching over them. If I go with you I will not see them again. They will never see me again. There is no hope." he began to lower himself towards the ground, his soft glow only an inch from the earth.
"Kind soul." replied the shimmering image gently, it's cold body moving closer. "That is the point." 
It looked at the full moon, and then at the graveyard itself, a garden of stones in neat little rows, before turning back to the young soul.
"If you leave now, bless the grass with your dead corpse of a walking body, you will scare the ones you love. You will frighten them."
"No, no! They will understand,” the frightened human returned, “I was not supposed to die, they can take me back!" The ghost's torso and legs have since blended together, its ghostly shimmer of crystal fog became brighter. However its shadow was barely visible against the grass. "They miss me, I know it, they'd take me back."
"Young soul, they will do no such thing. They will be frightened, they will run from you. They will claim their house, their town, is haunted. You will be left wandering the earth in this half ghostly form, not yet invisible, not yet believable.”
“Please! Just for a moment?”
“My friend since you are only half ghost you can not come back and join us."
The frightened shimmering image shuttered, another remnant of human action. 
"I had so many wishes, kind ghost, so many things I wished to achieve standing on the starboard. I-I must tell them I love them. That I'm sorry."
The crooks of his arms had since started to melt, his neck melting in with his body. But his brown eyes were still very much human.
"My dear boy, they already know. They have already forgiven you. They hold fond memories of your living self still. Frozen in pictures and playing in pixels. Most importantly in their hearts. For this I am sure. For this I know."
Again the ghostly figure, its every changing shape blowing gently in the wind, held out one human hand. "Now come. Come up from the ground before you can not return to your rightful place as a shimmering soul. Unfasten yourself from your last tie to earth."
The ghost's arms had melted into his body, if you can call it so, with only his hands still clinging to the hard rock with his name on it.
"Come now," said the gentle blob once more, "You can not even read these squiggles any longer. The ones our human figures lovingly engraved on every stone here. We can not read it any longer."
At this the poor ghostly human cried out in agony, realizing he could not, in fact, read the strange squiggles on his own grave stone. Could not remember his own name.
"Do not worry," soothed the ghost, "With time your name will come to you once again, whispered in warm honey and ice, it will come." The small ghost groaned in sorrow, lamenting for his last breaths beneath the waves on that accursed day of his death. 
Again the ghost moved closer, its single human hand a familiar thing of the past. He held it towards the frightened ghosts. "But your family forgives you, young soul. You are lucky. So many human hearts you have touched in your short time on earth. Your Jo, your Conner, your Neveah, your mother. They will be ok. You will see them someday too."
Again the sorrowful ghost cried out, and clutched his stone.
"But for now," continued his counterpart, "For now come down from your gravestone. Shed your corpse. Become a ghost as you rightfully should. You deserve it."
At this the corpse laughed. A crazy sarcastic laugh. "I deserve it? This!? I deserved my voyage! I deserved happiness and peace for a long long time! Prosperity beyond measure and love like no other. I deserved to live!"
"You deserve to keep your soul. And not let it be cast away, leaving your being to dry up and disintegrate like an ashen prune." 
This image of his very soul, his essence, withering before him made him shake anew. "I am scared! Oh ghostly being. Scared to leave this melted body, to leave grass and these squiggles and deep emotions. I am scared."
Again the ghost flickered, its shimmer dimming even more for it felt so deeply for this young sorrowful figure.
"Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board.” He said once more, “But ships that have sunken drown every man's wish with it. For wishes only float if their thinker is alive.``”
A black tear escaped the human eyes of the shimmering being, torn between trying to live and accepting his human death. His figure flickered in agony for a few moments. Then he gave a strangled cry and pulled his feet up, away from the moonlight grass. He pulled his shimmering blob away from earth. He released his hands from his cold dark gravestone, firmly grasping the hand of the ice cold ghost before him instead.
The ghostly figure pulled him up, floating a few feet above the earth. "Very good young corpse,” said the soul, whose one human hand then returned to its shapeless shadow. "All who love you would be pleased. You have done well."
The ghost gave a small cry as it floated against the wind. Its body transformed into a shapeless blob. His arms and legs becoming one with its shimmering crystal fog color. 
“This is the way it is supposed to be, young corpse,” said the ghost gently.
The almost ghost gave one last phantom breath as its wispy body began to glow, like moon fog in a glass. "I am ready,” it said, its voice steady, “lead the way." 
And its human eyes turned into two black mirrors of reflecting glass, as its almost iridescent figure finally left the living world and all its wishes behind, for wishes only float if their thinker is alive. 


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