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I believe I'm quite a bubbly person in contrast to the things that I write. But, we write to feel and to evoke those feelings in our readers and this shared concept, to me at least, is beautiful.

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First draft 10:38pm AEDT.
Not very happy with it, but it is a start.

the moon

January 13, 2021


Fear is awfully prominent in the darkest hours when the sun lends its light to other's paths half a globe away. Fear arises as one considers the unknown lurking in the shadows of the night. One forgets that the moon chases the sun in a subtle manner to ensure you are never alone. It waits for you to discover the courage to dance in the pale light. And, though it may not seem as grand as the fiery sun, the moon stands on a distant stage accompanied by a chorus of stars. So, whilst the sun burns for you in the day, do not fear its passing, because the moon too shall return with a pathway of light to guide you through the night.
First draft 10:38pm AEDT.
Not very happy with it, but it is a start.


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  • K.L. Rose

    I've stared at it for two weeks now which is why I decided to publish it so I could get some feedback to move forward with editing.

    4 days ago
  • Cosmogyral

    Here's a little hint, don't try to publish the first draft, let it sit in your drafts and go back to it a few days later with fresher eyes. You'll see things you didn't originally. As for whether or not it's good, have confidence in your work. :)

    4 days ago