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Achille's pain

January 13, 2021


The smell of iron scented the atmosphere,
a lust for blood spread everywhere.
Bodies laid on the ground
but there existed no greater wound
for Achilles than a death.
The death of a near and dear one.

Vengeance and anger rose the beast
sealed within Achilles.
A beast so cruel and vile
that even Apollo couldn't bear.

As he screamed his lover's name,
his hurt and forlorn voice
caused static of tension all around.
Hector who confidently
knocked Patroclus to the ground
was left astound.

Soon Achilles broken
by his unrelenting emotions
drove himself to death,
a fate he could not escape.
He held up his sword
and opened Hector's throat.
Blood gushed out but what use?
Achilles was all alone
so who was he to amuse? 
just wrote this a few days ago! Do you like this style? Anyways I'm kinda not really active here since I've exams on the 18th! 


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  • Figwit

    You did such a great job of capturing the horror and pain of Achilleus' situation! I love it :)

    4 months ago
  • crystalline•galaxies

    oh my goodness. oh. my. goodness. um, okay so this is gorgeous?

    4 months ago