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Message to Readers

I have been seeing a lot of posts with the "bible-challenge"
~this is not apart of that challenge~

I have been reading a lot of the posts connected and I think it is a great idea.
Tbh, I originally hit "start writing" to continue the series (for lack of a better word).
But this is the piece that I wrote, and feel was led to write.

My belief and love is only a result of the Holy Spirit and how he has worked in my life, growing and changing me to see the glory and mercy of my creator.

Please read the footnotes: I don't want to start a debate.
This is basically another piece of poetry in my mind. The only difference is the inspiration and passion it is driven from.
thank you.
sending love,

| the proof |

January 13, 2021


Are your eyes blinded by deceit?
Is your heart hardened by pride?
Do you still block yourself from hearing the call?

The saving hope is here, yet you do not see it.
You ask us to prove it.
But do we need to?

Look around you, open your eyes.
Let go of selfish desires, and follow the one who created you in love.
Listen to His voice, the voice of your caring Father.

The proof is all around you. The beauty of creation is there so one cannot deny the existence of a Creator. 

You blame miracles on chance. You declare phenomenons a result of evolution.
Do you not see the forgiveness of your God? The love of your God?

I see it all around me.
Everywhere I turn, I am reminded of His goodness. His glory. His right to be praised.

The cool beauty of morning dew, wet underfoot as I watch the sun rise from behind the mountains. The clouds that grow warm, a mix of pink and gold. Birds singing sweetly, carried by the wind. The same breath that ruffles the leaves of trees, the petals of flowers, the grass of the fields. Mountains rise up, the rocks raise glory for their master. The seas churn, the sky roars. Storms rage across the Earth, yet are no match for the might of the all powerful. Creatures of all sizes, of all colour, of all diversity, wander across their home. Each are provided for, cared for, loved. 

You are loved, created in His image.
He forged you, crafted each detail.
Calm your worries, for each need is provided for. 

All of creation proclaims His rule. All of creation was created for His glory. 
I set out to praise Him. I set out to love him, as he loves me. I set out to live out my faith, I am prepared to die for my faith, just as the Son did. 

Because I have hope. 
Hope in my Father. I have hope in His divine mercy, and His power to save.

You may not see it, you may have blocked it from your hearts, and deafened your ears to the plea of salvation. 
Only He has the power to open your eyes, soften your heart, heal your ears. Only His spirit can change your mind.
I set out to be the example. I set out to be the proof. 
The tone of this is rhetorical. The "you" is rhetorical.
I do not mean to offend anyone by what I wrote. This is my belief and my principle of life.
This is not incitement of an argument. I will respect all opinions and beliefs. 

Please, if you are going to comment, keep it civil, keep it kind.


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  • books4life

    amazing piece! btw chapter 14 is out!

    about 17 hours ago
  • Just_A_Memory

    The moon was at it's peak, casting long shadows through the woods. Lulling whispers reach your ear from the depths of the trees, but you can't quite make out the words. Out of the corner of your vision, a flicker. A flicker of darkness dancing along the abandoned hunting path next to you. You nock an arrow, sighting before releasing. The shadow yelped and darted away, but something remained pinned to the ground via your arrow. You scurry closer to see what it is. It's a piece of a dark brown cloak. At first it seems ordinary, but when you take a closer look, you realize that embroidered into the cloth is a link

    But what mysteries might it reveal unto you?

    3 days ago
  • Figwit

    Wow. I love this so much! You write about God so beautifully :).
    Re: Thanks for the prayers. I'm trying to stay positive because I know my friend would want me to smile for her life rather than cry for her death.

    4 days ago
  • Cosmogyral

    Because if the rhetoric, I think the title could just be 'You.' It's short and simple, but impactful when understood. :)

    4 days ago
  • -<~>- izzymorales -<~>-

    I don't agree with your beliefs - but damn, you write about them so beautifully.
    I respect that.
    Wonderful piece,

    4 days ago