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spent a while on this piece and i don't know how i feel about it. oh well, guess i'll see what everyone thinks.

Bipedal Dread Running [prose]

January 12, 2021


My heart is full of complex dialecticals. A web of ideas from two worlds, and I'm caught tangled in the sticky silk. The corpses of old identities are littered about, wrapped up and cold.

"Be faithful"

I struggle against the bands of expectation, legs kicking and arms flailing. Probabilistic reasoning deems that I should, in theory, end up like the others around me. Doomed to perish and become anew. Because I don't change. I die and someone new takes my place.

An old fly doesn't fear the spider, it embraces it. Because life is short, and it understands that its time comes just like any other of its kind. But I am young, and I am no fly. I claim that I do not fear death, but in truth I could not be more inaccurate. I do fear life, but I fear its end all the same.

Oh, life is a race that has no finish. A journey without proper end.

Shoelaces untied / transmitters fried / dreadful, I died

Fallacies of the highest order brought me here, and disillusionment is the bite of arachnid freedom; similarly, poison.
Restoration comes for me, her three-eyed glare above fangs sharper than my skull is thick. She is my end, my

Bipedal Dread Running.


Bipedal Dread Crawling.


Bipedal Dread Dying.


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