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~it is during our
darkest moments
that we must focus
to see the light~


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-Brandon Sanderson (Stormlight Archive, Book 4)

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The Null

January 17, 2021

when I can feel the dew drops prickling my arms and the wind pulling me off the face of the earth. the clouds press against my body in a tender embrace of a once remembered love.
and the stars kiss my lips with their light that once was. the time between yesterday and today flows around me,
whispering of moments between today and tomorrow, right now and never, always and forgotten.

and a star, a wish, burns away across the sky above me. burning its life away so i can make a wish. the grass whispers its wish right along with me. a wish of eternity, for eternity, about eternity.
and this second is eternity— undefined, indivisible, irreversible. and this eternity is a second—present, past, and future. and this place is gone almost before i can take a breath, but my memories remain.

the dew etched the memories into the void of my heart along with their name, reminding me to return.

and the name that the frost engraved upon my heartstrings was this. The Null. 
Have fun with this... :)


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