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Storm In The City

January 12, 2021


A bitter cold engulfs the world
As subtly as day turns to night
This storm will not remain unheard
It will crash and thrash and fight

A pack of wolves enter the city
Their howls battering against the surface
Careless, free, devoid of pity
It is clear this world is far from perfect

The clouds spit out bullets from the sky
Each wound is instantly absorbed
To escape, no one would dare even try
Their anger is far from warped

A light flickers on. Then it is gone.
From the sky comes a bellow of rage
For a storm will not remain withdrawn
For their tragic play, the sky is its stage

Like acid on the flowerbed
of our beloved home
Nature’s tantrum has ripped us to shreds
It won’t leave us alone

But before we thrust ourselves into strife
We must know there’s benefit to this storm
Without all the thunderstorms in life
When will we ever learn?


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