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January 11, 2021

it was as soft as silk, but as hard as stone.
it flowed like milk, and is still unknown.
a wonder of the sky, a drop in the ocean.
one of a kind, going through the motions.
it was gorgeous, it was exquisite.
it was hideous, it was demonic. 
it was loved by all, but was friends with none.
it survived the fall, but wasn't the one. 
it left for better days, but found none ahead.
it went through a phase, but still felt the dread.
it wasn't enough, but it still hoped for the best.
the way was tough, and it got left with the rest.


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  • Starlitskies

    Ooooh I love this! The ambiguity and the rhymes work together beautifully!
    "it survived the fall, but wasn't the one." I especially love this line! <3

    8 months ago