Hi everyone! My name is Catherine, I'm a 15-year-old high school sophomore, and I like bubble tea and reading+writing during rainy evenings. Feel free to reach out to me anytime <3


Twinkling Nostalgia

January 11, 2021

Against the cyclorama of a misty opaque haze, winking glitter is attached with dabs of glue. Despite their dazzling performances in the nightly pageants, I always thought they were merely evanescent. However, one murky night, I climbed out of my mom’s car after a long day of lessons to find one contestant shining above the muted rest. Twinkling Nostalgia winked at me with no falter in its sparkle, and each time I’d find it a tad brighter than the day before. When I look out the window years later on my worst days, it’s a subtle reminder that the darker the outlook, the brighter you can shine.


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  • The Inky Writer

    This is a beautiful piece of writing!

    7 days ago
  • Rohan’s Defender

    Wow, so beautiful and unique! Love the word usage!

    9 days ago
  • happygiggles

    This is stunning! The first line of this drew me in immediately! I love this!!

    9 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    Wow this is so gorgeous! Some might found the long words overwhelming, but for some reason it helped add some depth to this piece. Wonderful job!

    10 days ago
  • Lata.B

    This is so beautiful! "Despite their dazzling performances in the nightly pageants," wow!

    10 days ago