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I like this prompt!! I don't think I've written quite like that in a while--thanks WtW.

Eagle's Roost

January 12, 2021

my mother says an eagle nests in this tree,
shadowing her chicks beneath her wings, the tree is
an age or two older than i and yet still standing
higher and taller than i, its back not yet crooked
like an old woman bending over the creek
to draw water from its rushing currents,
perhaps this tree reminds me of my mother,
how she walks down the street with her hands
tucked away in her pockets, her breath fogging
in the morning air after she delivers my sister
to the bus stop and back, there's a chill in
the winter sunset as we tilt our heads back
and stare at the sky, watching for eagles
cresting the horizon, wings stretched from shore
to shore, brilliant creatures of majesty,
settling in their roosting trees along the bank,
when spring arrives we'll watch raptors dance
across the heavens with one another, talons
locked as they    f a l l    in a desperate spiral,
a woven tapestry of love and instability,
or perhaps the tree reminds me of my father,
the long days he spends at work so he can
come home again and find a family that isn't
hungry, he thinks i don't see how his brows
crisscross one another, a timeless expression
of frustration mated with hopelessness, i've seen
it before in myself, or perhaps in the lady from
the rescue center in the next county over,
her eyes full over pity for the creatures she
dares to serve, but even she knows their time
is short, doesn't she? i nestle myself in the tree
across the river and stare at the eagle's nest
left from a season ago, wondering if a mother
and father will return to this tree or if they'll
move on, perhaps this place is too much for them,
and they'll take to the skies again and fly
I don't know what this is. I like eagles, I guess.


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  • Zirong

    OMG your style is so unique. I can't help reading it over and over again!!!

    about 2 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Oh, this is so enrapturing! I adore every line.

    about 2 months ago
  • mooncake

    Wow this is so descriptive and well written I love this!!! The unique way you're able to portray something as seemingly simple as eagles, a part of nature, is flawless and beautiful

    about 2 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    Yeah, eagles are cool. Despite being American, the first one I think of when I hear the word 'Eagle' is a Golden Eagle, clutching minx in its talons out of the snow in the early light. What about you? What do you see when you hear the word?

    about 2 months ago