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Chinese Cinderella: Family, Books and Faith

January 19, 2021

Pretty sure we all know, the fact that Cinderella had never been more than a fairy tale, right? But Chinese Cinderella was more than just a fairy tale. It’s the a true-life story being told by the narrator herself. Most importantly, in this story, the prince was not not really a prince, or a man of any kind. But instead, the author herself. She grew up in the darkness, having been denied by the family but ending up becoming her own light. She truly made something of herself. 

I would 100% recommend the novel Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah to all who : are miserable and lost, this book will guide you through the tough times; those dreamers who just need a little bit more encouragements to set their sails; people who tend to enjoy biographies.

The narrator Adeline was born in 1937, Tianjin, China. Delivered as the fifth daughter of a wealthy merchant family, it seemed like that she would live to a glorious life. But no. Everything went wrong since her birth. Her mother dead soon after her birth, and as a consequence, her father and her siblings - especially Big Sister - looked onto her, squinting their eyebrows in a furious way and with disgusts and hatred, as a complete misfortune. A bad omen. 

‘“That’s just an excuse!” Big Sister screamed, “You don’t know because you are stupid! And you don’t deserve to wear this!” Suddenly, she grabbed my medal and jerked it, becoming enraged because I was pushing her away. “Take that! Medal winner! Teacher’s pet! Who do you think you are? Showing off week after week!” Big Sister cried as she slapped me with her strong right hand.’

Hardly any children, or maybe just one or two in a century, raised in Tartarus can potentially refine into a fine young adult with healthy spiritual well-beings. If that ever happened to Adeline, i assume we probably can’t guarantee that she would turn out to be her today. Luckily, in her case, lights danced in through the creeks in the stone bringing with them sparkles of hope. Even-though being the unwanted child to most, she was never alone. She had Aunt Baba, and her paternal grandparents who she referred onto as YeYe and NaiNai. They were her shelter, their place her sanctuary. Their love for her forged the wings she needed to flee the dark pit.

’“After that it’s entirely up to you. I’ll be here for you as long as I’m alive. Surely you know that? But you must never forget the dream. Try to do your best at all times. You have something priceless inside you which must not be wasted. I’ve always known that. You must prove them wrong! Promise?” ( - Aunt Baba )’

Yet Adeline, as a child, had always be seeking approval from her father knowing that he didn’t like her much. 

‘I nodded eagerly, too excited to speak. A hush fell upon the table. This was the first time anyone could remember Father singling me out or saying anything to me. Everyone looked at my medal.’

It’s all those little details that made the novel Chinese Cinderella really educational and inspirational in the idea of the love a child seeks and requires during childhood.

The importance of books was also raised as a theme of the novel Chinese Cinderella. Once a reader, and now an author. Adeline’s Golden Road was tiled with novels, fenced with pens and pencils, twisting and turning, finally ending up in a library. The place of ultimate wisdom, of dreams of foreign lands, and her Utopia. Years and years ago, in the library at Sacred Heart Canossian College, she devoured books faster then a starving wolf could gulf down a lamb.

‘I sauntered into the library and picked out a few books. What a beauti- ful room! Away from all the noise, giggles and excitement. My haven. My sanctuary. The place where I belonged! My real world!’
Adeline’s tale itself was the reason i entered this competition. I wanted more people to approach and appreciate it, but also because I believe that i should try. Like she did. Whatever that lies before you, let it be the highest waves, or the scariest monster, just go. Go ride those roaring waves, go tame that savage creature. Nothing can stop you. Faith is all you need. This book teaches us about faith, and it allows us to unleash our true powers. As well as, primely, teaching us to live with dignity. The narrator developed into such ideas later, during her times boarding in Hong Kong. Then, after getting the idea, she did it. With her own talent.



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  • Starlitskies

    Lovely review. I read this book when I was quite young, and I remember that it left me in tears. It was really sad how everyone treated Adeline. You've done this book justice in this review. Great work!

    7 months ago