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The Bible Challenge_Ibex_Part 1!! (aka, why i believe in God)

January 17, 2021


I’ll begin with the pleasantries.
First: my biases. I grew up in a Christian home, and I am a member of a PCA church (an evangelical denomination).

Second: my personal history. Despite growing up with Christian parents, my middle school and early high school career were riddled with doubts about God and the Bible. I struggled with the same questions many skeptics ask. Has science disproved the existence of God? Why is there suffering in the world? Did Jesus even exist? I don’t plan on addressing all these questions in this piece due to how lengthy it already is, but if you’d like to hear more, I’d love to write more on some of those issues. Just let me know in the comments.

Third: my intent. My purpose for this piece is two-fold. First, I’ll focus on the existence of God. However, I don’t actually think this is the most important question of this debate. We could spend ages arguing over whether or not God is real, and in all honesty we could come to a stalemate instead of a conclusion. As any skeptic argues, we can’t see God. We can’t dip a test tube into the atmosphere and go searching for a divine being. We could talk for ages over points that supposedly prove God’s existence, only to end up back where we started. However, we do have a man who lived on Earth and claimed to be God. (And yes, he claimed to be God. If anyone wants me to take a look at that in another piece, I certainly will.) I’ll spend this second half of this work looking at the question I believe is most central to the discussion: Is Jesus who the Bible says he is?

Fourth: my rules. As I mentioned, I had some pretty serious doubts for a few years. I didn’t trust the Bible; hence, I won’t use specific verses to prove or disprove anything. Instead, I’m going to walk you through the path of logic I took to reach my conclusion about God. As a note, I will be using Biblical context for some of my points, but the Bible will not act as my proof. I do not wish to tell you what you must believe; I will simply be stating my beliefs.

Fifth: my expectations. I do not expect the whole of WtW to convert; that would be ridiculous, and I’m not writing for that purpose. And besides, I don’t even know if anyone who isn’t Christian will happen to read this piece. I just want to share some of my thoughts on the topic of God’s existence. If a skeptic (mind if I use that term?) does chance upon this piece, I do expect that you ask questions if you have any and point out any areas in which you think I’m wrong or could elaborate. As long as you all remain respectful (which I am sure you will) I am perfectly open to dialogue.

Alright, enough of that. Let’s move on to what’s actually important.

Part 1: Does God exist?
As you already know, I firmly believe that God exists. To answer this question for you, I’m going to start with some points that I feel are pretty typical. Some of you may have already heard these and will roll your eyes. However, given that there are others on WtW who are also working to prove God’s existence, I don’t feel it’s too necessary to focus on every issue. They’ll most likely cover some other angles that you can take a look at.

Point 1.1: The Moral Code
(In the next couple paragraphs, I talk about historical events and that could potentially be triggering because of that beautiful moral code you have. Skip it if you need to.)

I think I’m right when I say that every person reading this would condemn genocide, murder, rape, and oppression. Chances are, just about anyone would say that those things are terribly wrong and that people deserve punishment for committing them.

So here’s my question for you:

How do you know Hitler was wrong? Or, perhaps on a level that hits a little closer to home for some of us, how do you know black lives matter? As far as I can tell, an atheist’s viewpoint has no answer for these questions, because the answer relies on the assumption of a moral code. Basically, this is an understanding of the world that all humans have to help them distinguish between what’s right and what’s wrong. You know for a fact that Hitler was wrong because or your morality.

Now, where did we get this supposed moral code? It couldn’t have come from evolution, because that makes no sense. Natural selection argues for survival of the fittest, which would allow for murder, wouldn’t it? What’s wrong with rape if it’s just spreading your genes, which is the most important thing among animals; in many species, there’s no consent.
Perhaps an atheist could explain to me how he or she believes we came to have this moral code, because I’ve never heard an answer. As for me, I believe God gave us our moral code. This fits remarkably well with any number of Bible verses that state we should know about God because of our moral code. (I won’t mention these verses specifically now because they’re not my evidence; I just happen to have examined what I see in the world around me and have come to the conclusion that God is the only way we could have come to have a moral code.)

Part 1.2: DNA
Now, when I was going through my period of doubts several years back, I always used to hate when people said, “Well, humans are too complex. They never could have evolved, so there must be a God.” Saying that didn’t prove anything to me. But hear me out on this one; after considerable research, I’ve decided that the complexity argument is indeed valid. Here’s why.

Let’s take a look at DNA. I like to think of it like a blueprint, or perhaps an instruction manual. Either way, I could easily compare it to a book; both contain information that’s laid out in a way that makes sense. DNA is certainly not random. Not only does it allow the organism to function, but we can also decipher it. I should know, since I studied biology this semester.

Look at one of the simplest organisms we know of: Mycoplasma mycoides. It’s a bacterium that contains 525 genes and around 532,000 base pairs. As far as I know evolutionists still have no solid evidence as to how DNA/RNA just originated from nothing. Even with only 525 genes, Mycoplasma mycoides still has an incredible number of base pairs to get just right, or the organism will die.

I know from experience that I can’t just put 532,000 words into a bucket, shake it up for a while, and expect a novel to be ready when I’ve finished. You wouldn’t get a novel even after a billion years of random shaking and rearranging. If we apply the same logic to DNA, then you’ll probably understand why the viewpoint of all creation just appearing with no one to put it there simply makes no sense to me. You might call me uneducated for my rudimentary comparisons. Still, given that this was such a major issue in my years of doubts, I feel my reasons are valid. But perhaps someone could explain it to me? I’d be interested in hearing your opinions.

Part 1.3: Evidence in the Creation
The Bible states that we can know God is real by seeing evidence of his existence in the creation. Basically, according to this statement, the creation proves the Creator. But does it?

As I struggled with my doubts several years ago, this was a question that continually plagued me. After all, if the universe could have originated through another method, such as the Big Bang Theory and Theory of Evolution, then couldn’t there be a chance that God didn’t exist? Hence, I took to the internet. As I expected, I found what I thought was a wealth of information proving a godless theory of Earth’s beginnings, and nothing to prove creationism. I had to make a choice: I could side with science, or I could side with a Bible I didn’t trust.

But as the years progressed, I started to question what they told me in science classes just as I had questioned the Bible. And I wondered if what I learned actually made sense. Sure, I understood natural selection and change . But this is not evolution, not like most evolutionists put. I understood if a squirrel developed a white patch of fur on its stomach, or if a warbler population started singing different songs and gradually became its own species. What I started to question was whether a bacteria could evolve into a human, even over billions and billions of years. To me, that has never made sense.

Ok, here we go. The following are some of the reasons why I decided God was real, because I finally started to see evidence of him in the world around me; or, perhaps, I started to see how the world simply could not exist without him. And as a note, my views are developed from several years of research. This view was my choice, not what my Christian parents forced upon me.
  1. The creation is far from simple. As I mentioned earlier, DNA is an incredibly complex manual for a cell. And in order for it to work right, I think it surely had to have a designer. Just as I write novels, God creates DNA that makes sense. So much sense that we can decipher it just like we decipher an author’s books.
  2. Reproduction. Can someone please explain how evolutionists think animals progressed from asesxual reproduction to sexual reproduction? Think about it: two organisms must evolve so they now require another organism to reproduce (which, in my opinion, is a bit limiting for said organisms; isn’t it so much easier to remain an introvert?). Only, these organisms must have different types of organs for reproduction, organs that work together with one another perfectly to create another organism. And with all this, these organisms must be able to find one another. Again, call me uneducated if you wish, but I just don’t see the logic in that. The chances seem incredibly slim.
  3. This next one isn’t really a proof or anything, but I still decided to include it just for the heck of it: I see beauty in creation. Sure, that beauty is still there when you see it as a product of evolution. That bird’s nest is still beautiful; it’s elaborate courtship behavior and extravagant plumage are still amazing. But it’s a different type of amazing when you view it as something God created, even more so when you realize this same God died to save you. Isn’t that love?
Now what does all this prove? Nothing, really. As I said, we can’t prove God is out there, not yet, just like you can’t prove he’s not there. However, in my mind, this path of logic gave me reason to ask bigger questions of the Bible. Sure, I know there’s a God. But is he the God of the Bible? That question, I think, is what must be asked next. And I think I know how to answer it.

Part 2: Is Jesus who the Bible says he is?
So, I’ve decided that this piece is already a bit long winded. For the sake of your brains, I’ll save the second half until tomorrow (or sometime soon this week). If you’ve made it this far, I ask that you take some time to at least think about what I’ve written and maybe come back in a day or two to see if I’ve posted anything new.

God bless!

With love,
Any topics you’d like me to cover regarding my religious beliefs? COMMENT.
Any questions to intrigue me and give me something to research? COMMENT.


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