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Two chapters in one!!!! I tried putting more dialogue into these ones because I'm trying to get better at actually having my characters talk once in a while haha.

Chapter Three (Reese) and Chapter Four (Reese)

January 16, 2021



Finally, it's lunch. The only period I get to see Cecelia at school. We had a few classes together last year, but our classes (even though they are literally the same subject) are spread out time-wise. It sucks. At least I get to see her here. And of course, our other friends except for Astrid and Mark.
We sit down in our usual spot by the windows, but 2 tables away from them diagonally. We're not really by the windows anymore since the school added more seats in the cafeteria. It sure is nicer. Just more crowded.

"Hello my wonderful geeks!" Flinch comes up to us with his cheeky smile. "What is the happening?'

Flinch and Cece have been friends since second grade. He's was very nerdy and out of the ordinary. Now he still is, but runs a talk show podcast thing. He and I met in the seventh grade, kind of accidentally. He was actually being athletic for once, by playing kickball. The good thing was, he kicked the ball up so high, nobody could catch it. The bad part was, well, the ball came crashing down so hard that I fell over and broke my glasses. He apologized and invited me to his birthday party (which was, of course, Harry Potter themed). He's got a barely older brother who scares the crap out of me and has almost hit me with his car. Not just once. Sometimes when I'm over, I can hear him crying and strumming his guitar all crazily and saying things like "GOD WHY WHY WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?! I EVEN TOOK YOU TO PIZZA HUT!" and I guess...singing? Flinch always has to go calm him down. I'm pretty sure is nickname is Flinch because of his brother's yelling tendencies and punching-walls habit. 

"Well, I got yelled at last night. Again." Cecelia sighs and picks at her salad. 

"Shocker. That's what, the 9th time this week? It's only Wednesday." I chuckle, with a little sympathy.

"About chores. When is she gonna realize I have a life?" Cece lets out an exasperated sigh. 

"To be fair, she is a nurse. She's going to have to rely on you for stuff," Flinch tries to reason with her. "She's got three kids, a time-consuming job, people to save, bills to pay. Trust me, I know." 

"Of course you side with her! You don't know anything." This isn't going to end well. Cecelia is going to do something if I don't stop her.

"I'm pretty sure I know. Both of my moms worked a lot before they opened the bakery. I'm on your side." 

"You are not on my side! Why does nobody ever just listen? God, you don't get it. I have to parent Harper and Everett. I have to do everything and I get no help!" She's borderline yelling. She would be yelling if it weren't for the lunch ladies. 

"Cee, why don't we focus on something else? I know you're frustrated, but you can't take it out on Flinch." I try to calm her down. 
She just puts her head down and pushes her lunch tray towards me. Her hand slides out from under her right arm to grab the bag of chips. I feel sorry for her, but she does kind of need to step up. Her siblings are only 6 and 8. She'll be okay. 


Cece is grounded. I can't go on Skype with her today like I do every Saturday. It's a bummer, but I guess I have some free time. I could clean my room. It's too early to clean my room on a Saturday, though. My phone just went off. Oh it's Jess! She and I were in band I think freshman year. She normally sits with us at lunch, but yesterday she went to the mosque down the street. Her message says:

"hey i got this weird link a few days ago. do you know anything about it?"

It's the same creepy link from the forum. I reply:

"yeah i saw the same thing. do you plan on going?"

Jess: "probably not. i dont think my parents would let me."

me: "aw darn. well i havent seen you in forever do you wanna grab lunch sometime?"

Jess: "maybe. i'll see what my schedule is like and get back to you. i miss you !! let's chat later i gotta do chores xx"

I miss Jess. But she's valedictorian now and she's president of a bunch of clubs. I'm happy for her. She's also planning prom for the juniors and seniors this year which I'm so excited for. She's great at stuff like that and I honestly envy her for that. She's a skilled organizer and she's so friendly. I'll probably see her at school.


My group chat is absolutely exploding. Cece snuck her phone back, Flinch and Aimee are half-flirting and half-threatening each other, Scott (who's Aimee's twin brother) is just threatening Finch. Scott looks intimidating, but he's really not that mean. Unless it comes to Aimee. She's always been a little more shy compared to Scott and his very out there personality. Aimee's really sweet though, and she's recently taken up ukulele and the violin. The last person, who's just kind of spectating is Rory. She's been out of school lately with all these new scholarship opportunities for soccer. Seeing her play is just incredible. She's really good at most things to be honest, except replying to texts. The chat is still going on and making an ocean of messages. I'll check them later.


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