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I've noticed my friends mess☆ge bo☆rds ☆nd mine is l☆cking
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-I h☆ve two m☆in stories th☆t I'm working on c☆lled Minor Flaw and For the Love of-

Dear Lu Frank

January 13, 2021

PROMPT: The Drabble

"Why does life hate me, Lu?" Lauren exclaimed, drowning her sorrows in ice cream. The summer wasn't a new concept to Lu. Summer came and went every year. Nothing changed, except this year. Lauren found "the boy of her dreams". She asked him out, but she was quickly rejected. Lu didn't care about boys or anything romantic; she wanted to jump in the river.
“Lu, are you listening to me?”
“No, I'm not,” Lu stated. “You’re wasting your time with boys.” 
Lauren finished her ice cream and sighed. Lu asked, “Wanna watch a movie at my place later?”
“Sounds great.”
Prompt- 100 word story by Community Ambassadors sci-Fi and mooncake!
When Lu states "she wanted to jump in the river" she wants to jump in the water and swim.
I might add more to the story if I ☆feel like it☆


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