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January 11, 2021


you push your head up away from the screen and into the light 
eyes heavy, neck aching in that non existent way
it's there again that feeling 
of having been submerged
for too long
too deep

you sigh and the breathe of a thousand things you should've done makes you want to hurl your phone -or yourself- at the floor

you toy with the idea for a moment, smashing glass, smashing bone silence.

but instead you place your phone down gently and pull a text book towards you, laying your head on it as if you could absorb knowledge that way.

for a second your eyes flicker closed and you look peaceful, for the first time in a while, like a child.



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  • Nyla

    Wow! I love this! It truly shows what it feels like! I really like when you say that it's the feeling of being submerged for too long, too deep and when you describe laying your head on a textbook because that is so relatable. This is a really simple yet really beautiful piece and you only included the absolutely necessary information which I really enjoyed!

    7 months ago