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January 11, 2021



writing this conventionally as i would've last year, felt like putting on shedding skin. i have grown since then.

i could milk the words, but it'd taste like water. stirring an empty pot doesn't do much help either.

damn, why is this so hard.

three years of temporary eternities // darling, don't you understand what this means? // i've grown houses and built roots, ran through thoughts and stared at meadows. // i could lie and say i know what i'm doing with life, // but why when the unknowing seems far more appealing? // damn, i've been here since the beginning of forever and for the first time // i'm okay with that.

i already wrote my darling a letter, so i refuse to ruin a message that's since proved it's point. (nevertheless, i still love you).

i had some rough moments and took it out on my best supporter, he deserves my sincerest apologies for being at the receiving end of my foul moods. (love, i'm sorry, i'll text you when i'm ready.)

then there's her: call me, my love, and it'll never be enough // say my name, it'll come across rough // no, stare into my soul and whisper something new // only then will you understand our bond and strength of us two. // time rips apart lovers, // they're cruel and unfair // but honey, there's no me if there isn't you. // i've stumbled across our origins // stitch together excuses from tongue-tied tuesdays // and picked at your pieces like roses // only for reading. funny, that came out poetically when i was attempting for simplicity. who knew prose was a weakness as abstracts were my sins? (i'm sure you knew that honey, i know you did.) recently i've been thriving, in the ways i know how, but i can feel the impending falling of my soul, somehow. yet, i refuse to acknowledge, until time comes running; until then, i'm doing fine, thanks for asking. and before there's an ending, i just one to say one thing: i felt like we've always been on the same wavelength. i fell for you back when everything was new, raw in the purity of beginnings. your words became pills that i popped daily, withdrawals for your absent mindings. and there were feelings i had known but could not explain properly; then i learned you knew exactly what i was thinking. every time i log on, i think about you. i still consider you my girlfriend if you promise to let me support you. already you've soaked me with personal poetries, so don't apologize for the lack of one currently. you helped me grow as well, countless times i found a muse with you. so thank you as well. and you're welcome, this journey's been amazing. truly.

i stopped counting stars // the day i learned, i couldn't bear them all. // shattering heart become the only noise // to hear. why couldn't // i love all and that be enough? // because there's far too many beauties // and time's unfair. // so thank you to those who formed // their own constellations and claimed me // for part of their origins. // i desired to make a difference // the day i found my person // and knowing the lives i've changed // simply through writing // has my heart screaming // with joy you can't explain properly. // you're a star that shines, // just as bright as i // and yet you thank me // for being me. // so it's my turn, // to thank you // for support my identity searching // (where i used writing as coping) // and for being // a star // in this gorgeous galaxy. // 'cause 382.......there's so many of you *cries happily*

lastly, i can't promise anyone activity; life, work, and school are draining. but i promise to always bring joy when i can. i promise to never stop writing, even if one day there's none to share. i promise you support, and for you to know there's never a tragedy you should bear alone.
eventually, there will be a part 2. eventually.

also, you didn't actually expect me to write within the "prompt" did you? psh, i gave up that a long time ago when my fingers decided they liked to write with my heart, not my mind.


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  • rwong

    dang ermmmmmm so i don't really know what to say cause i'm left pretty speechless. this is like a torrent of feelings and emotions but it's so gorgeous and yea i'm very well aware that whatever i just wrote in this comment doesn't measure up to the beauty of this piece.
    "so thank you to those who formed // their own constellations and claimed me // for part of their origins. " i'm gonna stop now before i paste the entire piece into this comment, but i just wanted to let you know that you're a huge inspiration to me. really, truly. <3 <3

    4 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    you know me too well, ofc i'd read all of it. it's yours after all. to those people, ;). this is beautifully written and just... sums up my feelings so well. to you, to everyone who has supported me. stars at the end. thankfulness, joy, the moments we spent together... you nailed it, just gorgeous. sorry it took me so long to comment fdljassd attribute it to my speechlessness (but also life's a devil these days). i read this at night and god, yknow i am just... so happy you know? i'm joyous, jubilant, etc etc. so much happiness is filling up my chest these days. i recently took a hiatus because i wasn't doing too well, but reading this... i'm just really happy haha. i keep rereading this over and over. "i felt like we've always been on the same wavelength." this line, goddamn it. i'm nowhere near as eloquent as wisp but ever since i found you last year (it's been that long already?), i've always found immense comfort in your writing. the familiarity of it. the tone of voice. even if i sadly don't show up as much as i should in your notifs, know that i'm here. i'm glad you're doing well. if you fall, we'll catch you. looks like i can't express my feelings properly, but i'm always here even when you can't see me ;).

    "i still consider you my girlfriend if you promise to let me support you."
    ofc, but only if you know it's true the other way around as well ;)

    4 months ago
  • Wisp

    This is beautiful and if you hadn't already robbed me of my words, this would be the piece that would be my undoing. Because gosh I love every bit of this and so so so much more of it.
    "// so thank you to those who formed // their own constellations and claimed me // for part of their origins."
    I absolutely adore the mystique in this, hinting at who you're thanking but not quite. And you wouldn't know who it was receiving this unless you were the receiver and that's just simply beautiful. I love how you make it this little secret between the two, this secret little place that only the two of you share, it just puts a whole other level to the whole thing. And yes yes yes, I cannot help but agree with hold on to the memories #NEWYEAR [slightly hiatus] because gosh are your footnotes just as poetic and stunning as the piece itself and it blows me away time and time again when I read anything of yours. You know if you ever were to publish a collection of poetry or thoughts, I'd buy it in a heartbeat and carry it around as if it were some sort of holy object. But anything you write, I'd read it all and shower it with the love it deserves, because I know it's hard to appreciate your own writing sometimes (we're only humans who've been taught to hold negativity towards our makings, for if we don't, we'd be called self-absorbed and narcissistic, and it's hard to distinguish between those feelings and pride), but gosh do you wear the namesake Legend well and it is so well-deserved. You're just so sweet and so wonderful and an absolute joy, and your writing is just all-around exquisite. You deserve it all and write with your heart Dmoral, for it is a beautiful thing to behold. (And I still love you too!)

    4 months ago
  • AJ - Izzy

    i'm speechless... this is truly breathtaking. you are truly amazing <3 <3 <3

    4 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    I'm a star? Shining as brightly as you do? I'm desperately trying to wrap my mind around your words... I'll do my best to accept them. I'm speechless yet again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    4 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    wow, this-

    wow. i don't know what to say. this is as beautiful as you are - which is to say, absolutely gorgeous. like happy butterfly said, this took all of my words so pardon my awkward mumbles. this is too much. wow. i don't know what to say other than... thank you. it means the world :)

    "those who formed // their own constellations and claimed me // for part of their origins" wow. like i said, gorgeous. love you,dear <3

    4 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    oh gosh this is so beautiful.ugh sorry i can't give you a long cool comment because this leaves me at a loss for's so incredibly beautiful,and i won't repeat myself.
    and thank you for mentioning us *waves shyly* it really means more than you know<3

    4 months ago
  • SunV

    Dmoral... Wow. This deserves to be framed and hung for generations to come to see.

    'to those who formed // their own constellations and claimed me // for part of their origins.' -This speaks volumes without speaking at all.

    I would paste all my favourites, but then the comment would be longer than the piece.

    But thank you Dmoral, for writing this, I know everyone needed it.

    4 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    oh my gosh. oh my. never has the clarity of why you're a "legend" here hit me so clearly. like... my brain is struggling to form words that express how your writing affected me. EVEN THE FOOTNOTES WERE MUSICAL. your last paragraph spoke volumes. what an anthem. and that's not even to touch on the way i sink into your prose and poetry/prosetry. (i may have just made that up, whoops.) i like the flow of your writing in that it doesn't flow like a river, but like changing ocean current, like it goes in many directions but it's right that way. and a hundred other things about this piece, but i'm trying to restrain myself.

    4 months ago