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What a painful paradox our love and lovers can make of their fists and our hearts...

Old loving heartache REVIEW FOR A REVIEW

January 23, 2021


I sat with my old lover
heels pressed into concrete
and toes into grass.
On the steps we used to sit,
while ice cream melted down our wrists in the sweltering summer sun,
where the sprinkler used to spray our freckles.
The evening was late,
with twilight just beginning to eat away the light.
Stars gleamed overhead as always
but only shined dimmer in your eyes.
My old lover tangled his fingers in my curls,
and breathed my name with need.
 I looked away,
my poor wretched heart scorching with ache once more,
and I could see it in your lonesome face how much my loyalty pained you.
But I turned away and shook my head, 
“You know my heart will only break a thousand more times.”
Your brow furrowed, “what? Why?”
”you’ve got nothing in you that wants me, not a shred of it, but all of me wants you,  but I won’t let you keep crushing my heart.”
”how many times can your heart really break?”
”as long as I love you.”


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  • Parisienne

    this is gorgeous!!! So accurate and painful yet beautifully written.
    re: thanks for your comment on Loose lips ages ago, I'm glad you liked it! :)

    3 months ago
  • Livsnjutare

    This is so good!! I love it, awesome job!!

    4 months ago