Peer Review by Anish Aradhey (United States)

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Bad Dad Book Review!


Vroom!! Vroom!!

Bad Dad written by David Williams is here and I rate it 5 out of 5.This action-packed, emotional and shady book is just perfect for ages 6 and above.I found a particularly interesting quote in this book and it was "They may only have 1 pence to spend but their hearts beamed with gold". I think this is a very motivating and inspiring quote with a great inner meaning. This book was mainly about a boy called Frank and his famous dad Gilbert.

The book has many settings so I will just name a few that stood out to me .
  • The Wishing Well 
  • A Football Field 
  • The Junkyard 
  • Different Banks 
It told a story of how Frank's dad broke his foot and lost his job but still survived. In my opinion this book tells the reader to be grateful for what they have. If I could make up an award to give to this book it would be "The most meaningful and action packed children's book ever" and it is worthy of this award because it's very exciting and has a cliff hanger every chapter.

Spoiler Alert ! But this book's major plot was when Frank and his dad trapped Mister Big & fingers and Thumbs in the bank. It was important since Mister Big & fingers and Thumbs were terrorizing and threatening Frank and his dad and all the other good people. A character I really liked was Gilbert (Frank's Dad). He had a broken leg and was very helpful and generous. All the actions he did himself without being forced were heroic. Now that was all for Bad Dad so Vroom Vroom off I go!

Until next time, everyone!

Message to Readers

It would be awesome if somebody would just give me honest feedback for my work, thanks!

Peer Review

I love this review's use of a quote and its inclusion of the book's theme! The description of the cliff-hangers and action in the story make me interested in learning more about the book.

I wish this review included specific reasons why you loved this book. These elements would solidify your opinion and better persuade readers to learn more about the book. I would encourage you to brainstorm some specific parts of the book you loved.

Please don't include spoilers in your review - they discourage people from reading the book you are writing about. Instead, try building suspense or introducing the main problem in your book. This will encourage others to read this book to find out what happens!

Adding your personal connection to this book would fully strengthen this book review. Try thinking about what stuck out to you personally about this book. Perhaps it was a character that reminded you of yourself or someone you know. Perhaps it contained a lesson/theme that resonated with your life or beliefs.

This is a great start for your book revoew, and you should be very proud. Putting some additional work into your writing is definitely work it! I am super excited to see how this piece turns out.

Reviewer Comments

I hope this helps you take your book review to the next level! Make sure to revisit the competition guidelines if you have any questions. It was a joy reviewing your work!