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I believe I'm quite a bubbly person in contrast to the things that I write. But, we write to feel and to evoke those feelings in our readers and this shared concept, to me at least, is beautiful.

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lie to me

January 10, 2021


I asked you to lie to me.
You told me the sky wasn't blue, that sunflowers were grey and that you didn't love me like you did yesterday.
I was sure the sky shone blue and that sunflowers grew in vibrant yellows, therefore I believed you loved me that day.

I asked you to speak the truth to me.
You told me the warmth had faded away, that the sky had turned to gloomy grey and that coffee warmed you when mixed with liquor. 
I was sure the cold was blown in by winter and the gloom was the overcast sky merely blanketing the blue and that, alongside the intoxication, it would pass.

I asked you to lie to me today.
You told me the sky was blue, sunflowers were yellow and you liked your coffee black.
The blue had drained from the sky painting the sunflowers grey with the drops from the last bottle of Jack.

Today you told me you love me. But I am sure it is not as you did yesterday.


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