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Message to Readers

This chapter is told from the best friend of Reese's (Cecelia's) perspective. I am so excited to write more.

Chapter Two (from Cecelia's perspective)

January 10, 2021



I get a phone call from my mom. She's probably calling me again for the fifth time this week to tell me about my "responsibilities" and how I'm just so "lazy". 
"Hello? Hello young lady? Why didn't you do the dishes like I asked? You could've at least rinsed your plate after dinner."

"Sorry, Mom. I forgot. I'm on my way home from school right now. I'll do them as soon as I get there."

"Forget it. I already did. I have to work a late shift tonight, so don't forget to feed the dogs and your little siblings. And for God's sake please, please, rinse off your dishes when you're done."

She pretends she's the victim in all this. Ever since Dad left, I have to do everything. "Yeah, yeah. I will." 

"Love you, Cecelia."

She hangs up and now I'm irritated because she always makes me do all the work around the house. I'm basically an adult, compared to her. Yet when I want to go hang out with my friends, wear what I want, listen to my music, or have any freedom whatsoever, she says "You're just a kid young lady!"
She's just so frustrating.


"God, why does she have to assign so much homework? I swear to God, she's setting us up for failure!" I complain to my best friend, Reese. They've been there for me since the sixth grade. They know me better than anyone ever could. 

"Maybe stop staying up so late reading arguments on Reddit," they say. 

We laugh for about 10 minutes talking about Reddit and how I should get a new hobby, until I find something. "Hey I found this Subreddit for kids from our school. It's got events and lore from when the school was built.I forwarded you the link. Check your email, it's kinda freaky." They don't believe in all my stories about the school and its gossip, but I think it's way more exciting than learning stuff at school.

"This post says there's a clown that lives in the walls. Really, Cece," Reese asks with a sarcastic tone. 

"Those are just the people trying to throw teachers off their scent. Scroll down. It gets weirder." Teachers at Madison North aren't that observant and don't look past the first couple posts. I know some kids who got reported for stuff online and never got in trouble for it because it was too far down on Instagram or whatever for the teacher to look. 

"Hey Cee, look at this one." 

I get a link from our chat on our videocall app. I click it and I'm immediately overrun with chills. The good kind. Reading through this post is eerie and gives me the creeps. So I keep reading. It gives us a date and a time, so why not go?

"Who even is this person? They could be a random creeper luring kids in to do his bidding", Reese jokes with a spooky tone. 

"We may as well go. You're boring. You need to get out more! We're going. I'm forcing you to. Fun but kinda maybe scary time, here we come!"


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  • Estella Dicpario

    Ahh, I love this story so much SHAY!! Good job! I love the details and everything about it!

    about 2 months ago