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who am i? (read footnotes)

By: Ibex


“Can you send forth lightnings, that they may go,
and say to you, ‘Here we are’?”
--Job 38:35

your poetry is better than mine
your words float across the pages in columns of ink drawn into letters spun into elaborate pillars, you formed language just as your hands carved the earth from the void and hemmed in the oceans so they might not swallow the mountains
what is man when compared with the beauty of the stars, man who fell in eden at the words of the serpent, man whose wages are death
who am i to matter in the eyes of the Most High i who has never done anything worth celebrating i who has fallen as all men have
i marvel first at your works and then at your words, i ask who am i to have received such gifts to have been chosen before the beginning of the world
what kind of king leaves his throne for the rebel
what a God
and what a Savior

i read job chapters 38-39 today because i stumbled across a verse about an ostrich and was intrigued. i'm quite glad i did. for some more understanding about some of the references in my poem, i would recommend reading the chapters yourself.
chapters 38 and 39 mainly focus on God's work at creation. the passage shows his incomparable majesty in a way that i've never seen before. when faced with this, i had to definitely take a step back and ask myself why a God this powerful and this wonderful would die for sinners. that, in of itself, is a marvel.

i might take this and make it part of a series called "marvelings". i'm not sure yet.

Message to Readers

hello. it's been a while, but i'm back.

Peer Review

Loved the second paragraph when you talked about 'what is man.' These philosophical questions were written so beautifully.

The overall concept of speaking to or about God and asking these mortal questions in and of its self was deepening. I'd like to know how else he's poetry is better than yours and how you can express that to your reader. (but I really do love the opening language, 'hemmed in the oceans' in such a wonderful line)

Reviewer Comments

Watch for capitalization and punctuation! I'll have to check out the chapters you've recommended as well I'm very intrigued :)