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My Unusual Recommended Book

January 18, 2021

    I recommend the Bible as a to-read book. I know what you’re probably thinking. It’s either, “the Bible?! Are you kidding?!” Or it’s, “the Bible. Are you kidding.”
    Just hear me out for a second, or two, or however long it takes you to read this review.
    I want you to forget.
    Forget all you know, all you think, and all you think you know. Let me try to rewrite them for you.
    Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let me start by saying you don’t need to be religious to read the Bible. Literally anyone can read it. The Bible is a one-size-fits-all. 
    Let me explain.
    If you are a fantasy reader, you can for sure appreciate some parts of this book. There are parts which DEFINITELY seem like fantasy. There is a story in which a king named Belshazzar holds a magnificent feast. He sits at the table, sips from his golden cup, laughs and jests with the other royals, and spots a hand, a human hand, but no body, writing on the wall. There is another story, perhaps more well-known, the story of Jonah and the whale. Jonah, unwilling to do what he has been told to do by God, attempts to run. But who can run from God? He is soon swallowed by a massive whale, to learn the lessons he is desperate to run away from. And a last example, more strange, more bizarre, but all the more powerful, the story of Joshua, who stopped the sun. At a great battle, Joshua calls on God to stop the sun in the middle of the day, and the moon, waiting for night.
    If you read for history, hey! This is your book. There’s TONS of historical events in here. For one, there is a part of the Bible called Exodus that recalls the 400 years of enslavement of the Israelites in Egypt. It also includes the wonders that were performed as they attempted to overthrow the Egyptian yolk. Besides that part of the Bible, spread throughout the whole book are many accounts of battles between empires from all over Western Asia. And all these examples are only in the first half of the Bible, the Old Testament. The second half, called the New Testament, is a whole piece of history itself. It talks about the life of Jesus Christ, which was around 6 BC to 30 AD.
    If what you are looking for is to learn something moral, this is PERFECT for you. There are lots of stories to learn from, and lessons to apply to your life. Many examples of those are in a part of the New Testament called Matthew. There is one about not judging others, and another one about how you don't have to worry. There is also another part of the Bible called Proverbs which is all about life lessons, and what the wise do or don’t do.
    Start to see what I mean?
    These are legitimate reasons to read the Bible that are NOT religious. 
    And just as a tip, if you have decided to start reading the Bible, keep on reading it for a while. Just a day or two probably won’t do much for you, as this is a book that is done best when read over a long period of time, done especially best when read over the whole lifetime.
    And if you still aren’t convinced, then let me tell you what this book has done for me and what it means to me. I am a Christian, but just because I am a Christian doesn’t mean the Bible is naturally important to me. In fact, a few years ago, I honestly couldn’t have cared less. 
    But I thought to myself, “Well, since everybody says that you should be doing it, maybe just give reading the Bible a go.”
    So I did. I read.
    At first it wasn’t anything much. But then as I got more into it, I realized that I was starting to learn more things than I ever knew before. Maybe more things than I ever would have learned without reading the Bible. I was starting to have deeper understandings of the world around me and of who I was. I was starting to change my behaviors. I noticed my relationships with my friends and family became more full of joy. I saw cracks in myself mended. 
    This book has been a guide to me when I am lost.
    A light to me so I might be found.
    A love and comfort to me in hard times. 
    No matter who we are, or what life we live, we all need a little comfort and love sometimes. To put in plain terms, when I feel sad, lonely, and hurt, this book helps me feel better.  
    Anyone and everyone can read the Bible. You truly, truly don’t need to be a religious person or looking to become a religious person. Read it like how you would read any other book in the genre you prefer. 
    Just do it. Trust me. It helped me. Might as well let it help you. 
    Like I mentioned in the beginning, erase all your preconceptions and see for yourself what the Bible is truly like. I’m not saying you have to read this all in one sitting, though you certainly can if you want to. It is a thick book. Just have it on your shelf to read a little bit everyday. 
    And maybe discover a little something new everyday.
    So read. Dive in. Go.
    And, who knows, maybe you’ll see yourself a different person on the other side.


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  • almost flora kane

    such a great recommendation, and the way you wrote it out is amazing!

    over 1 year ago