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Why Choose God? (Even if you don’t believe please read and in the comments tell me what you think about it)

By: anonymous_123 [Child of God]



What’s it going to do for you?

Why choose him?

Let me start off with my story!

I chose Him. I know Him, at least I’m trying to know Him more. Do you think it’s simple to just know someone that you can’t hear or see. It’s difficult. I would say it’s especially difficult for my age.

I would like to consider myself a missionary. I help my dad with his Christian business and spread the word of Christ.

Now, I’m not forcing a religion onto you. I’m using this time to speak to one person.

Maybe your the one person who needs to hear this right now. 

See you may not see or hear or feel Jesus. But once you know Him it feels like you can.

See once you know Him you can feel him through your veins. Once you know Him you can hear His word calling after you, once you know Him it’s like you can almost picture Him.

Sometimes I feel this, not all the time though. But I still haven’t answered the question. Why choose Jesus?

I don’t know how to answer that to be honest. I feel like these past couple years I haven’t connected with Him as much as I wanted to, and if I did, I would have a better and more powerful answer.

Here’s what I know. I know that Jesus and God is real because of things I’ve seen and the things I’ve heard. A friend of my aunt had a husband and two kids. She went to go back to college and her professor asked to speak to her.

She spoke Spanish with her so no one else would understand. Then she told her to leave her husband and that she had a dream about this and God told her to tell her about it.

A week later, her husband stabbed her multiple times in the neck. She acted like she was dead. She quickly called the cops and grabbed her kids and hopped into a vent. She was saved, she was alive after being stabbed 7 times! That I think is Gods grace.

This is what I know, that miracles happen to people who believe!!!! Look them up online and women at church who could start to walk.

Here’s what I know. My parents are Christians so that brings up a huge influence. But I am Christian because I truly believe that there’s a God. If there’s not, I don’t know where I would be. To be honest then I would be even more scared to die.

Why choose God? I dare you to read the Bible and ask questions about why to. Why choose God? Because atheists are now believers and scientists too have backed up the Bible. Look it up!!! 

Why choose God because He saved you...


I’m so sorry that my now Dust Jacket isn’t up! My computers mouse isn’t working! It’s frozen and off the screen, I’m going to use my phone now though. Which makes it harder. So that’s the reason why I haven’t been writing. Also if anyone knows how fix this please tell me! Anyway thank you all for the support and please comment down below anything you liked about this piece! <3

Message to Readers

Why choose God?

Peer Review

The points here are great! This is a huge need for Christians to write pieces like this.

You might want to expand on some things, especially relating to miracles. I don't know how you "classify" yourself but It's a little bit Pentecostal (no offense if you consider yourself so). I wouldn't use miracles as an example because it's pretty close to prosperity theology.

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Great work!