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Message to Readers

This piece is about my experiences with abuse. I am stronger than I ever have been.

Cries of a Mountain

January 9, 2021


I'm so happy you got out from the landslide that I was. 
Because I
Who once stood tall, 
A proud mountain of beauty and skill and talent
Am now the deepest, most deadly valley you could possibly imagine. 
I've eroded from your acid rain words 
I try to build myself up
But with every drop you still manage to cause my crumbling 
You run away and say you were not the one to scream such sour sobs 
That I had to pretend I was not cracking when your frequencies were so loud. 
You said you knew me
What you knew was not me but a husk that looked like me
That sounded and imitated the perfect little gem you wanted. 
I am not a gem, but a mountain once again. 
A mountain who grew themselves with the help of other occurrences in nature. 
Each person I come across, I have learned, plants a seed
A violet, a hyacinth, a patch of grass
And I will make sure my life is dedicated to nurturing the tree you gave me 
As tall as I can.
Not to let you win
But to see my growth and watch it develop into the most beautiful representation of myself there ever will be


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1 Comment
  • Ahsan Nizaam

    I should really congratulate you. Not everyone has the strength to rise from their own ashes. It's much easier to succumb into the darkness. I admire your courage.

    about 2 months ago