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"To really be a nerd, she decided, you had to prefer fictional worlds to the real one."
-Rainbow Rowell

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Hey guys!!! THIS IS THE NEXT PART OF THE LENNON AND SOPHIA SERIES!!!! please read the footnotes and leave any ideas you have in the comments please!!!

A Sick Stomach Feeling

January 12, 2021



 Ugggh. How the heck is it already 6am?!!! Did we really have to catch our train??? I rolled over and started to wake up Lennon. She was so cute all curled up under the thick comforter. 
“What’s wrong???” 
“Nothing! Nothing! We just have to catch our train.” 
“yeah. But we can sleep on the train ride.” 
She rolled out of bed, turned off the alarm, and started to gather up the bags we had packed. 
When I got downstairs, the microwave was beeping. 
“LENNON??” I yelled. 
How in the world did she get up there so fast? 
When I opened the microwave, there were two pop tarts sitting on a napkin. A few seconds later, she came downstairs practically jumping.
“Good morning good morning good morning! I’m so excited!” 
“ That is not obvious at all” 
She laughed and kissed my cheek.  I grabbed the pop tarts and she grabbed the bags and we walked out the door. Mr. Mcmannon, Lennon’s neighbor, was waiting outside with his big black truck. As far as he knew, he was driving us to the train station so that we could go to a math tournament outside of town. He took our bags as we climbed into the truck. When we got to the station, we got out and headed to the ticket office.  After we received our tickets, we boarded the train. As the train started to move, I began to feel sick. What was I doing!!????? After I calmed down, I fell asleep against Lennon. I woke up to my phone buzzing in my pocket.
"Hello is this Sophia Chandler???" No. It couldn't be. 
" Sophia this is your mother." 
I looked over at a sleeping Lennon.    
" Mom???" 
Hi guys!!! I know its been a couple days and i apologize, but my family is moving Friday so its been kinda hectic here. This is the next part of the lennon and sophia series!!! Hope you like it!!! Anyway, I need more suggestions. I was thinking the next part would be in lennons perspective. I have my reasons. Anyway, love you guys and see you next time  -sadie 


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  • Jason_claire :)

    replying- Nope, it was not the cat. I had to do an ELA assignment which was the beginning beginning of the whole thing, but I don't think I can publish it on wtw. Basically Sunny and Beth are in a party, someone kills someone else, Sunny saw it happen, the killer knows, and stalk the two so they don't expose them. The part I did publish was when the killer finds them and tries to silence Sunny and Beth. Of course, a part 2 (3 technically) would definitely spice it up, hehehe, I'll work on that :)
    Also, yay, thinking alike. Sounds like a great plan, and can't wait to see how you play it out.

    8 months ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    I hope the move goes well :) That's a great idea! Maybe Sophia's mom tells her something to change her mind or forgive her like laceybug said, and she won't tell Lennon what's going on. Just a suggestion though. Keep writing!

    8 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    *GASP* her MOM?!?!?!? dude I can't wait to see what happens!!!! :D wow... love this so much!

    8 months ago
  • Dakota_Lyn

    wowowowowowow I love it! maybe in the next part Sophia mom can forgive her or something? idk you seem to be doing a perfect job coming up with this stuff to me!

    8 months ago