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In the Meadow - Part 2

January 11, 2021


    The creaky wooden floorboards make indescribable noises beneath our feet as we walk. The house looked modern and lived in, but eerily empty. "Hello? Where are you?" I manage to say. I gulp down my fear and walk up the stairs following Zizzy. I was then struck with a weird thought. Why would anyone let there small kid alone in a house with the door open? "Zizzy, why do you think the girl's alone in a huge house with the front door open?" "I... I don't know..." Zizzy says with clear confusion in her voice. "You think this is a good idea?" she asks me. "What do you mean?!  You were the one who said to go inside. Anyway, let's just help and get out of here." I exasperate. We reach the top of the stairs and hear baby music playing in one of the rooms. "Come.." Her voice was high pitched, but quiet. We slowly walk to the room and go inside. No one was there. It was very old fashioned unlike the rest of the house with flower wallpaper and a traditional white crib. A scene right out of a horror movie. I laugh a nervous laugh, and Zizzy looks at me like I'm an alien. "We're here. We can help?" Zizzy says with the last sentence sounding like a question. "No one's here. Let's go." I tell her. "Shh. Do you hear the music?" she says.
    It was the baby music we were heard before. "What about it?". "Pay close attention to the lyrics". The lyrics? I start paying close attention to the lyrics. 
    "Come to the meadow and we can play. The doll we become in just one day. We will go around and call the others, so they can live happily in heaven with their fathers and mothers." The singing voice sounded exactly like the little girl's voice.
    "What the heck-?" I say. "Ok, I am not staying here for one more second". I flee out of the room and down the stairs, but stop. "Zizzy?" I go back upstairs and see her standing near the crib, her face pale, drained of color. "Zizzy? What happened?" I walk and hear the creepy music coming from the crib. As I walk closer, I see a doll in the crib moving its mouth. She has long black hair with two red spots on her cheeks for blush. Her brown eyes turn toward us and her mouth curls up into a smile. "Can you help me now?" We both scream and try to run out of the house as fast as we can. When we reach the front door, it closes and gets locked. "OPEN!" we yell in desperation. We put both of are hands on it and try to pry the door open. "It won't budge! We'll need to evacuate from the windows." she says. I look around for a window, but don't see one. "There has to be one in the kitchen to let out steam." We scurry to the kitchen and see the doll near a big square window. She was also near a knife rack. "Zizzy! What are you doing?" She had started going near the doll slowly. "Shh. I'm gonna distract her." She goes to the fridge and the doll hops of and starts going toward Zizzy. I run to the window and open it. As I get out I hear a scream. I look behind me and see Zizzy sprawled on the floor, clutching her ankle in pain. A trickle of blood was flowing from it, making a small puddle. "Run! Don't wait for me and get help!" Zizzy yells. "But-" "GO!" I run outside and into the woods, with every footstep filled with regret.


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