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She, The Beach

January 8, 2021


“I’m… I’m done with you.”

She blurted out the last word in a choking hiccup. Her face was wet with tears - she’d just been pushed to her breaking point and felt so much emotion washing over her like those huge waves at the beach she couldn’t escape because her feet were stuck in wet sand. She knew it was coming, but didn’t bother to fight it and just stayed in the position she was in. It really did feel like a wave crashing over her: violent, hard, making her lose her breath for a second as it hit her, and wetting the sand a long way behind her. This wave of emotion had left its mark on the atmosphere she was stuck in. She knew the waves would stop and that sand would dry soon; this conversation would be over and everything would go back to normal. It could be a whole day or even longer, but soon, the beach of her mind would go back to normal: not with people coming in and scattering around in to relax like most beaches, but at least with being calm and ready for it. That was what she was for everyone, after all: not a city with busy roads, important buildings and impressive skyscrapers, but a beach, there for people to go to only for leisurely visits and time for relaxation. No one ever took her seriously. She wasn’t important; just a pretty summer fling for people to enjoy before the break ended and they returned to their work. They’d hang around on the sand, hanging out with her, and sometimes approached the shore, taking a dip into the ocean. The ocean was her feelings, and when the weather was bad, they’d know not to come in. It was ostensibly this that had taught people to never approach her on a bad day; to just leave her alone. But of course, there were plenty of people who ignored it and troubled her anyway, enraging her, making her waves thrash, and causing her to stand her ground.
So... I was just thinking about what it would be like to compare people with places. There were a lot of comparisons I could make, including how lots people seem to have a certain special place for them to go. I thought this concept could be applied to people in their lives as well, but this caused me to consider a few other things. How would someone represent a certain place? What would be the comparable characteristics of these two concepts? And what if they didn't enjoy the place they represented for people? This is where the idea for my piece of writing above came from.


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  • Just_A_Memory

    HOLY CARP this is beautiful!! The imagery is phenomenal! I felt like I was reading the work of a published author!

    4 months ago
  • Nikki

    Wooaahhh! love this piece. the thoughts and emotions of somebody who is called a 'pretty summer fling' is a wonderful idea. plus, this title is so boss!
    (idk why, but this piece reminds me of 'August' by taylor swift. cuz this feels like something Inez would say. have you heard the song? )
    also, hello! its nice to meet you! i'm Nikki :)

    4 months ago