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Oof. You found me. XD
I'm a fairly busy person, so I don't always post regularly. Also, since I am so busy, I often forget who wants to be updated, but I am working on that.

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I'm taking a[nother] break from "Brainwashed" (because of good ol' Writer's Block), but I may start working on another (new or old) series soon!

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January 8, 2021

1. My original plan was to either finish or be close to finishing Brainwashed before I turned 17, but, since that's in sixteen days, I don't think that's possible. So, I want to get it done (or close to it) by the end of June. 

2. Do more research, and probably more outlining, before publishing pieces. 

3. Get more sleep. I know that doesn't exactly have to do with writing, but I sometimes don't sleep in hopes that I'll think of something and I end up discouraged in the end. Plus, there's a higher chance of having a dream if I sleep longer, and that's where I get a lot of my inspiration.

4. Start reading more and rereading. I don't know about anyone else, but, the more I read, the more inspiration I get. Listening to music helps me too. 

5. Don't write so much in the middle of the night/in the dark. I know I've had some great ideas in the middle of the night, but I can't read my own handwriting when I look back at my notes (since I most likely wrote them in complete darkness, basically). 

6. Be more specific when I get an idea. There's so many times that I'll get a really good idea, but it's sometimes in the middle of the night, during school, or any other inconvenient time. I usually try to write the idea ASAP, but I often write it very vaguely and can't figure out the best part about it later on. 

7. Try not to have so much romance. Okay, I love romance, but it does get tiring eventually. Virtually every story I've written in my lifetime has some sort of romance in it, and it's usually one of the main focuses. 

8(?). Try not to include so much sadness. A lot of the stories I've written lately have had their fair share of death and other sad stuff. I'm not completely sold with this resolution because sometimes sad stories are the best and are exactly what someone needs. I guess another reason I'm not sold on it is because I don't want to tap into my old mindset or revisit old memories. 

Welp, that's all I can think of! Thanks for reading these!


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  • person random

    Hey, I just wanted to say good luck with your goals and finishing your WIP! Also if you still want to write sad stories but have more lighthearted elements I really recommend adding a little bit of comedy every now and then. It gives your readers a little breath of fresh air and makes the sad stuff hit harder because of the mood switch. Anyway, good luck!

    4 months ago