Jackson Bolden

United States

The Truth Is (Book review)

January 19, 2021

I absolutely loved this book and the concept as well as all the representation, diversity and romance. The book takes you through a beautiful story of insecurity, realization, sadness, and relationships starting and ending, and plenty of drama. Normally, when I'm reading a really good and relatable book, I can imagine that I'm the character because I've felt what they're feeling and seen what they're seeing.The book and the characters are so captivating and well written, and I was deep inside the book for the time I was reading it. If you're into deep romances, tragedy, strong friendships and a really unique story of the main character finding herself, then this book is for you. Overall, it was a very heart melting and moving book, and I know I'll definitely be picking it up again soon.     
I love books with a little culture in them, so when I saw the author's name (NoNieqa Ramos) I got pretty excited. I'm going to be completely honest here. When I read the first few pages, I was slightly disconnected. As I read more about 15- year- old Verdad and her issues, though, I started to relate a whole lot. For one thing, she had a habit of picking, pulling and twisting her hair at all times, which I do daily, as well. For another thing, she was always questioning her decisions and overall self worth, which is how I feel all the time. It seemed from what I observed that she ran through life looking at other people and comparing herself, like in the second page of the book she says "I'm fifteen and I'm supposed to fall in love any minute now.” I think we've all looked at other people and wondered why we weren't doing what they're doing, or if we're even doing it correctly at all.    
 Another thing I look for in writing is for the book to be able to paint an enthralling  enough picture so I can feel like I'm inside of the story itself, and the author did that perfectly. As for the character development, it was wonderfully done for every single character. I can't stand it when in books or movies, the author just throws in a useless character who has no meaning or use to the story, and they normally appear in one or two scenes before either moving away, dying or never showing up in the story line again. I didn't find that in this book. All of the characters had their own backstory, emotions and problems such as parenting problems or self-love problems that we learned so much about throughout the book that I felt like I was reading a book where all of the characters were main characters, not just Verdad.     


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