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As we move into 2021 our resolutions are already rebellious because how dare we make a decision for ourselves when so many things have been decided for us in 2020. So in spite of what may happen in 2021 I decide that my inner state will not be defined by what's outside.

A Daring Embrace

January 8, 2021

My dad once told me to never make promises.
I guess it's because he believed in the sanctity of giving your word.
‚ÄčI do too.
To him the only way to protect the honour of your word was by being realistic and not giving it at all.
But I'd throw caution to the wind for the resolution of love.

I choose to seek love.
Not romantic, surface deep but real, unconditional love.
I won't run from it.
I won't force myself into a mould just so I can deserve it.
I will boldly declare that I am worthy of love in all my imperfections.
I will let it wholeheartedly embrace me for who I am.
And in doing so I will be patient with myself. I will be kind to myself. I will forgive myself. 
In no certain terms, unconditionally.
That is my daring resolution, to make my journey towards self love with confidence and purpose.

A Daring Embrace is a piece of free writing that includes contrasting tones of strength and gentleness. The embrace of love is gentle however on the flip side it requires boldness to allow yourself to be embraced when so many thoughts would have you run instead.

The first part of the piece serves as a catalyst to set up a more daring atmosphere. It emphasises the significance of giving your word and even discourages against it however as the piece goes on, rebellion takes places. 
It is important to note that the second part is not only daring because we are breaking the first rule given to us but because it takes courage to seek love, to believe you're worthy of it, to let it in and even just to show it to yourself. 


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