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Akarnae by Lynette Noni

January 18, 2021

"Embrace the wonder"

Lynette Noni's novel Akarnae is the first book of the Medoran Chronicles. In this novel she captures the attention of young adult readers and shows the importance of not giving up hope. This enthralling book is young adult fiction and fantasy fiction, it understands the troubles and excitements that come with the teenage world. If you devoured Harry Potter or Narnia you are sure to fall in love with Alexandra Jennings' out-of-the-world adventures.

Dreading her first day of school, sixteen year old Alexandra Jennings is startled when she sees a portal taking her to another world called Medora. Desperate to get home, she soon discover that a man named Professor Marselle can assist her...except that he's missing. Though the news crushes Alex's hopes, she attends an academy for people with gifted abilities. Through her journey in exploring the endless possibilities of Medora, Alex makes two fierce friends who have a carefree and protective nature over Alex. Despite the wondrous world, Alexandra can't help thinking that something menacing is looming - and she may be the only one to stop it even if it prevents her from returning home.

This book ticks all of the requirements for enjoyment. It's funny, it's action-packed and it's captivating. Lynette Noni draws young readers in with her humble style of writing. She fills her pages with humour and at the same time she keeps the reader curious for what's next. Alexandra's friends both have a light, carefree personality, through the tough times they are a constant reminder that friends will always be there for you. Alex is described as a modest, outgoing and outspoken person. She won't shy away from the truth and will state her opinion to a large sneering audience. Though Noni represents Alex as good, she has her weaknesses. However, Noni fails to create any unsatisfactory characteristics, this aspect of the series is artificial since people in general have a lesser quality. This feature would be beneficial when relating to the reader's flaws and capabilities. The audience would have an understanding with the protagonist that they are not the only person who has this problem or imperfection in them. 

“Literature may increase one’s depth of knowledge, but not all knowledge be found in literature. Only with practical experience can one truly learn and thus be considered knowledgeable.”

In addition, this novel centres around the fantasy world of possibilities. It ranges from time-travel, sword-play to soaring on dragons and the power of blending in with the shadows. When Alexandra attends Akarnae Academy she discovers that Medora has advanced technology and rigorous training. On the first day, Alex wakes up not knowing that she'll be spending most of her time in the med-ward. And not knowing that her roommate is a seething girl that doesn't care for anyone. Alex is the definition of finding trouble: missing out on classes, wandering in forgotten places and being seeked by a beautiful, enhanced, but mysterious man. Later, Alex finds out the young man she met is a Meyarin. A supreme race to mortals - with heightened abilities and the gift of immortality. Curious to discover his pursuit in her, she delves deeper into his purpose, only to find out the truth until it's too late.

Furthermore, Lynette Noni covers the themes of belief, courage, friendship and sacrifice throughout this novel. She connects with the reader when describing the power of faith and that being confident in others - and yourself, will make you see the world for what it truly is. Friendship and sacrifice are conveyed through Alexandra's journey and that once you have the mindset of protecting your close ones you will be able to view decisions with a clear head. Lynette Noni conveys grief, revenge and the revolting side to power. The novel impacts you in a mind-blowing level. It makes you laugh and cry. It gives you the sense that you are not alone in this world. That you are not the only person who has faced the downfalls of life. Lynette Noni doesn't just give you a book to read, she welcomes you into it and shares the adventures with you.

She makes you feel belonged.



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