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Hunger Games - A Future?

January 12, 2021

(Warning: This review and book has discussions about death, not meant for younger audiences)
(Warning: This review also contains mild spoilers for the original series and the prequel)
      The Hunger Games is a 3 book series written by Suzzane Collins. The series is about a teenage girl, Katniss, who lives in a dystopian world where the Capitol controls 12 districts, each producing an item or necessity for the Capitol to enjoy and be greedy with but in return, they give them comfort based on how "necessary" it is in their lives. But for their entertainment, they have a drawing. 1 boy and 1 girl from each district get picked to be a tribute in The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a place where 24 kids from every district battle to the death in a fake arena built by the Capitol and run by the Gamemakers that can take place for a week to maybe even a month. But to up your chances of being drawn, kids can put more names into the drawing for food and other items. But because the Capitol has so much control over the districts, "Our lives aren't ours.", and they have control over if you live or die.
    This book is amazing and if you haven't read it yet or if you have and forgot about it, I strongly suggest that you read or reread it because of its detail. Once you read it you get lots of amazing details drawn from it but if you reread it you will find a lot of more ideas and themes.
    When I first read this book I felt like I should pay more attention to how the world and government works and I realized that this is somewhat how the world works. Some people who have an easy lifestyle doesn't have to work as hard to get more attention and care while people who do the essential and have to work very hard don't get enough attention or care. This means that the less you do the better your life would be like, right? Kind of. 
    The world makes it so that if you are on top you stay on top but if you are on the bottom, you can't get much higher. But people haven't learned yet. To get to the higher part of the world, you need to change a life, create something that will make people happy or at ease. Make working less better, they won't have as much stress which can make them more productive, they can be happier. Make life enjoyable and full of laughter and love.
    Not only does a single book do this, but there are also 2 more that goes into how Katniss and others try and take down the Capitol and make the world they live in better and happier and make life enjoyable and full of laughter and love and not stress.
    This book has changed my perspective on the government and the world in the last few years alone. The idea of this book was not to only entertain but to give sight to what might be ahead or what is currently happening in the world right under our noses. This series is very likable but can be slow at times but can be entertaining once you pass it. While there is a prequel to the series called "The Ballad of Songbirds and Snake" which takes place when President Snow, the main antagonist in the original series, is a teenager growing up in the world. Since I have not read the prequel I can not give sight into it but I can see through me looking up the main plot of the book that it has poorer reviews because of its "lack of connection to the original series".
    I recommend this book and series for anyone who can handle death in fiction, a bit of real life, and some action. This book is meant to give the reader an understanding of how the world works and what to do to make yourself and others happier.



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  • Joseph Poelker

    Thanks for the feedback. It's been a while since I've written and this has really gotten me back into it.

    4 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    This looks great! I've read the Hunger Games as well, a favorite of the romance action combination (Team Peeta) I'm a newcomer as well as of last week, welcome! You seem like a great writer so far, btw I'm Delphi, and you can check out any of my pieces at fastoceanlove!

    4 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender

    Wow! I like how you really describe what the series means to you! And I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES BOOKS! They are so great! Violent, but the meanings and relationships are phenomenal!
    Hi! Welcome to WtW! I’m Eden! It’s nice to meet you. Please let me know if you need anything, have any questions, or want to chat here. Just comment on one of my pieces to let me know! Have a great day, and happy writing!

    4 months ago