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A Tangle of Knots

January 18, 2021

A Tangle of Knots is written by award-winning author Lisa Graff. The book is set in a time where every person on Earth has a talent. Knot-tying, baking, whistling, plant-watering, even floating are some of the many talents that people possess in this world. Every person has something they astound at.
Except for those who are Fair.
Toby Darlington works at the Lost Luggage Emporium for a mean old man simply known as The Owner (The Owner has some strange obsession with St Anthony's suitcases). Toby is alone, he's talentless, he's lost the only family he ever had, and he just wishes he could get away.
Until Cadence steps out of the fog. Slam! Brakes skid, and his car jerks to a stop. A small, pixie-like girl stares back at him, her black hair curling around her cheeks. Her fork is frozen halfway to her mouth, and the piece of cake beneath it somehow intrigues Toby. He gets out. 

Cadence, fondly known as Cady, lives at Miss Mallory's Home for Lost Girls. Miss Mallory has a talent for matching orphans to their perfect families. Yet, for some reason, Cady has never been matched. While all the other orphans flow out like a restless tide, Cady stays.

But maybe that'll change. Somehow, Miss Mallory feels a connection between Toby and Cady. She's never been wrong before. But...something doesn't feel right. Still, Cady finds herself at The Lost Luggage Emporium. She tries everything to please Toby, but will it ever be enough?

Will Cady ever find her perfect family? Too many families have pushed her back to the Home.
But Cady has an extraordinary talent.
She can bake. But, no, she can't just bake. She can make your perfect cake. She can look at you, and know, instantly, what your perfect cake is, whether it's a sweet, spicy honey cake, a strong, potent garlic cake, or a sugary, sticky s'mores cake, she can make it for you. But what is her perfect cake? A cherry cake? Chocolate? Almond? 

This book blends the perspectives of many different characters together into one perfect story. A tangle of knots becomes a tangle of words, as impossible leads twist together to form one brilliant, well-thought-out book. Even including tasty recipes for you to make your own cakes, this book is outstanding. Lisa Graff breathes magic onto every page, and as the characters leap up in front of you, you realize this is not just a book.
It is a story.
It is real.

From lime pound cakes, to hot air balloons, to seemingly empty glass jars, this book has a surprise around every turn. You never know what's going to happen next, and you're kept on your toes until the very end. This book is one of my personal favourites, containing two things I adore: food and writing! Come on, you know you love them too. 

I have read this book many times, but still, I love it. Still, I get surprised at the ending. Still, it comes alive before me. Only a few books have a timeless magic about them, where 50 years later, you'll still love it to pieces. I think this is one of my timeless books. It mixes mystery, fantasy and non-fiction into a big, wonderful book that will delight children and families alike.

Don't believe me? It was long listed for the National Book Award, and magazines like Booklist and Publishers Weekly have given positive reviews. 

Sometimes it's hard to branch out, and read new books. Maybe you've got a special book that you love to bits. Maybe you don't want to waste your time reading a book that might be a complete failure! Take it from me, bad books are no fun to read. But trust me, put down that other book, and pick up this, and be prepared to enter a world of mystery, intrigue, wonder, and most importantly, cake.
Word count: 651.
Btw, if you do want to read this book, either go to your library, or go to https://openlibrary.org/works/OL16599374W/A_tangle_of_knots?edition=tangleofknots00graf . Here you can borrow the book and read it for free :D


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    re: really? i didn't know that there was a second book? i'll surely check that out. if i find it, i'll totally let you know :)
    anyways, have a nice day!

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    Re: Yes I am also Christian and I get stereotyped for that as well, Australia and homeschooled, interesting but I don't think I'd ask about kangaroos in the backyard, I live in California but I never tell people because they ask if I live in Hollywood :(

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  • Nikki (not as active but i shall be back soon)

    OH MY GOD!! i just remembered this book, i had read it a long time ago. its absolutely amazing, the author has woven a brilliant story. this review is wonderful, thank you for the link, i may read the book again

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