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New Years Resolution

January 4, 2021

Year after year I set expectations and seem to fail to meet them. Whether because of the ludicrous levels I set them at, or my own indolence; they habitually are not completed by the time a year came around. This year I challenge myself to start things when they are presented to me and with the most gusto.

An underlying issue of my previous goal is that I was constantly questioning the feasibility of CAN I do this? This year I challenge myself to take a break from the expectations, that the further I seemed to set them the less I achieved. To be ok with myself and to not take shame in the place I am at, knowing that it takes recognition of myself to be followed by improvement. To love myself as I am, and while still pushing myself know my limits as well as how much I can stand to grow.

The past few years I have surrounded myself with people who aren't the best for me, people who aren't willing to commit themselves to me as much as I am to them. So this year I challenge myself to accept that I cannot be there for people who aren't there for me. To move on to finding people that will uplift me and support me as much as I will them.

Back to the initial goal, I am going to take a step back from more superficial things that I would regularly write as my resolution and work at square one. Hope I can make a step in these improvements in the next year. 

Alex <3


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