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uh happy, merry new year's!

i'm currently in French class as I'm writing this, so ya know, distraction for the win again. uh, starting off the new year with a self-love piece is not the way i thought i would start it, and i did this prompt sorta incorrectly, but idc about rules, cus i'm a cool kid, (and too narcissistic too only write five things i love about myself lol, jk, obvi). also, now you all know a very specific but large amount of random things about me, so thats a bit creepy, lol

this is your daily older internet sister check-in: drink some water please, eat if you havent already/if you need to. take a couple minutes to rest your eyes from the glare of the computer; all that self-care stuff.

i'm going to go focus now,
so bye-bye,

stay safe, stay cool,
your WtW older sister

tangent (noun) | yes, this is a mess. thank you very much.

January 5, 2021

PROMPT: Self-Love

plural noun: tangents

1. and her smile is rough, carved from marble, all sharp lines and quick strokes. it cuts, slices through the atmosphere of every room she enters; a static shock only there momentarily. she was of letters and signals, sent over miles through radio waves and phone lines, the creation of man and magic. 

2. and she's fallen in love with everything she's seen, from the friends standing in line at the grocery store to the way sun shines through her window when it rains. she would bite the apple from Eve's hand, not due to folly but as a symbol of trust. (and she believes that was the first sin: to trust) she believes that love is everywhere, and that terrifies her because her family has never been the best at soft hands and kind remarks, so her fate is tied and sealed before she's had a chance to shape it. she's not particularly religious, but if you showed her a man with open wounds on his palms, she could tell you one of the saddest love stories she knows, even if she's not sure she believes it. 

3. and she's bad at writing sonnets, even worse at writing poems. she's an analytical mess. she'd try to apply logic to the beauty of Pallas Athene's terrible eyes shining, and she'd fail, and it'd hurt. she's climbed her way to the top, dug soft fingers into the gravel of that cursed mountain and pulled herself up inch by inch. yet, at the top of that mountain, all she met was a ghost, and it hurt. 

4. and she's confessed her love to someone in French before, over text at nearly midnight. they didn't understand, and for some reason that she can't analyze or deduce, that calmed her pulsing nerves. she typed 'vous êtes mon coeur', poured her heart into a simple phrase, and fell. 

5. and she's a creature of divinity and anxious ticks; an inhale of memories; an exhale of art; a building where smoke proved fire, burning her passion like furnace. and if this body was not hers, her halo would burn her hands as they run through her hair.
i didn't really do this prompt how it was supposed to be done, but rules are meant to be broken, so who really cares?


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  • deep_breaths

    You're such a powerful writer, oh my gosh

    about 1 month ago
  • almost flora kane

    oh my gosh i am blown away by this. i connect with this and it speaks to me. #2 and #4... wow. the entire thing, also wow. i'm having trouble expressing how much i love this. many kudos to you.

    about 1 month ago
  • Zinniav

    This is wonderful. I really want to meet you now! I loved this line so much! "she's an analytical mess. she'd try to apply logic to the beauty of Pallas Athene's terrible eyes shining, and she'd fail, and it'd hurt."

    about 2 months ago