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"To really be a nerd, she decided, you had to prefer fictional worlds to the real one."
-Rainbow Rowell

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Come Carry On With Me

January 19, 2021

 We all have those books that whisk us away to a new place far away from where we sit as we read the story in our hands. The books that we read without putting down. The books that we could read hundreds of times without getting tired of the adventures inside their covers. These books change lives! There are books that have changed my life, and I have someone to thank for that. The author. 

   Normally when I enjoy a movie on Netflix, I will click on the " More Like This" tab and watch movies related to the one I enjoyed viewing. I do the same thing to books. If I read a book that takes me to a new place, that I could read hundreds of times, I will make sure to write down or record the titles of the authors other works so that I could look for them at the library or the next time I am at a book store. 

 The book that I chose for this recommendation was a book that I read because I enjoyed the author. A miraculous woman and book author, Rainbow Rowell. The first book of hers I ever read was called Fangirl. I actually just reread it for the second time, I loved it so much. In the book, we follow nineteen year old Cath through her first year of college in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her entire being consist of  Simon Snow and Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch. These two are fictional characters that Cath writes fanfiction about all day long. Anyway, this is not the book I am recommending. Even though Simon and Baz are fictional characters created by a fictional author in Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell wrote the book Carry On in 2015. This is the book I am recommending to you, dear reader, because this is a story that gave me just enough romance, action and fantasy. 

 In the book Carry On, we follow Simon and Baz through a hard battle of personality, sexual orientation, love, and sacrifice.  Sworn enemies for seven years, Simon and Baz have ever only agreed on one thing: they will never get along. That is, until they have to team up to fight a horrible force, the Hunundrum. Baz has always had feelings for Simon, but it isn't until Baz gets kidnapped that Simon realizes how he feels. Trust me, when you open this book, you won't be able to close it.   
 The book takes place at Watford, school for majicks in London England.It is filled with the perfect blend of magical places, characters, and whimsy. If you are a fan of the book series HARRY POTTER, then you definitely should read Carry On. This book also ventures into mysterious places of mystery and magic. 
 One benefit of Carry On is that the book has two sequels. For me, this is a large relief considering that I did not want Simon and Baz's story to end at Carry On.  The second book came out in 2019 and is titled Wayward Son. The third book has not yet been released, but is scheduled to come out July 6th 2021. 

Dear reader, I hope you give Carry On a try, and I hope that you get to explore Watford just like I did. I hope that you get to meet Baz and Simon as you flip the textured pages. Reader, I hope that you yourself can become a student of majick with me.

                                  I hope you enjoy this book, and please Carry on.   
Hello followers and fans!!! For those of you currently following my Sophia and Lennon stories, the next one will be out soon!!! This is for a contest, but its just a small interruption to lennon and sophia. so please do not worry!!! I will see you all next time with lennon and sophia!!! 


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