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Doctor.. Doctor Who?

May 6, 2015



Everyone should take the next 12 million years of their lives to watch Doctor Who. It is without a doubt the best show ever. You haven't even lived until you have seen it. The Doctor is a timelord, from Galafrade. His race (the timelords) went through a time war against many things to stop the end of time. One rival enemy, the Daleks. They're pretty much invincible and when hit by their laser, you die, no questions asked. The best episodes were the ones with the weeping angels. Don't blink! They're faster than light and will kill you in an instant. Don't stare at their eyes either. You'll become one of them. The Doctor gets around town in his very own TARDIS, Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It telports to any time, any place. Obviously, anyone who doesn't know that must live in a box. That isn't bigger on the inside. I always think inside the box, because its bigger on the inside. I almost advise you not to watch it, it is the saddest thing I have ever watched. I don't want to go. Remember, whatever you do, don't turn around, don't blink!


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  • FantasyWriter


    over 2 years ago
  • FantasyWriter

    Ohmygosh Ohmygosh I found myself another whovian!!! Yay!!! Okay anyway who is the best doctor ? For me David TENant get it fair he's the tenth doctor! Jokes aside I can never decide best companion I just know that rose will be at the bottom of the list because reasons also aughh waiting patiently for season 9 to come onto Netflix I can't wait !!!!!

    over 2 years ago