Nicole Leah

United Kingdom

Sunflowers + Forget-me-nots
Anne of Green Gables
2 Corinthians 4:7
Jeremiah 29:11

Heart Surgeon

January 4, 2021


I became a heart surgeon to learn how people feel
To see that organ working on the body like a motor to a wheel
And with the tools they gave me I made an incision in their skin
Every movement meticulous, on tissue fragile and thin

Blood ran off my fingers as I pulled apart the bones
And as that cage swung open, I heard the hinges groan
Then it was before me - a red and pumping mess
This beautiful organ hidden deep within their chest

And yet it had stopped working, the clockwork peg unwound
But since they had let me in, my purpose I had found
No ignition, no trigger, just elbow grease and sweat
To rewind up that clockwork heart and leave it set

But they must press the button to make it start again
To get that organ pumping oxygen to the brain
Then I will close the ribcage up and leave the latch locked
And sew back up their skin, and listen for your heartbeat;
Yes... tick tock, tick tock.
Please look after your heart :):)


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