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January 4, 2021

Prompt: Write a poem using only questions. (by TianEn)

Why do you hold me close to you at night?
Why won’t you let me out of your sight?
Why are you so keen to hold me back?
Why do you always think I’m under attack?

Why do you keep eyes on every friend I make?
And try to convince me all of them are fake?
Why do you always yell “Don’t!” “No!” and “Stop!”
This obsessive attitude, when will you drop?

Why do you call me every five seconds?
And make sure no one around has weapons?
Why do you think leaving me alone is a crime?
When will you understand I don’t need you all the time?

Why do you try to shield me from everything?
Prod at me to make sure I’m still breathing?
Why do you continue your fervent attachment?
Never realising how, to me, it feels like entrapment?

Why do you feel like you need to control my life?
Will you never understand it won’t save me from strife?
Why won’t you think about it from my perspective?
Why don’t you realise you’re being overprotective?
I thought this would be an interesting prompt to respond to, and, while thinking about it, realised that you could write a poem like this addressed to someone where you question something about them; something they do that you just don't understand. People are different and have different ways of thinking about things. Sometimes, though, their behaviour can be really inappropriate and concerning. For example, being overprotective. There is no one like that in my life, but I have a friend who has an overprotective mother and I can really see how it’s affecting her life.

She isn’t allowed to host sleepovers, let alone attend them, and is never able to go on school camp. Last year was especially bad for her, because even as restrictions on public gatherings in our state eased, her mother demanded she stay in, and for months. She was in for way longer than the rest of us, all because of her mother’s crippling overprotection. Thinking about it from her mother’s perspective, she’s probably just trying to make sure nothing bad happens to her daughter, while making sure she is still sufficiently responsible (she’s the strict kind of overprotective, not the spoiling kind), but she still has to consider what it’s going to be like for her when she grows up.

Life is hard - we all know that. And it’s great to have someone so passionate about emotionally supporting us, but being a rock for someone does not mean stretching out to cover the whole ocean, making sure they never even catch sight of water, let alone dip their toes in it or even take a swim. You don’t have to do that to protect someone from drowning - though it’s understandable why you might want to. You have to let your child into the real world and watch them build themselves up to be strong on their own. And it doesn’t just apply to parenting: you can be overprotective of anyone you love. You just have to realise that they need space to grow and be on their own, even if they might get hurt. It’s just part of life.


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