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"Stupid me, thinking I wasn't good enough."

You are.
Good enough.
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my reflection thinks i'm not good enough

March 15, 2021


So... what do you think?
Trying too hard. Again. 
I groaned in exasperation, flinging my arms up. The mirror rolled her eyes, an image of a girl crossing her arms glittering into view. I turned away; I couldn't handle her attitude, not now. 
You know, I didn't say it looked bad... 
Sarcasm flared up in red-hot flames.
Because the petty mirror can't make expressions... I could see it in your flawed face. You only thought it. 
My reflection, come alive, frowned, I mean it. 
It's not so bad. 
Just... the same. The same as always. 

My fingers brushed the jagged waves of hair from my face, while pushing my lenses further up. I glanced at my reflection... she glanced back at me. 
In her, I saw myself. I saw what she'd always seen, the parts of me exposed on glass and hung on the wall with a warm mahogany frame. My memory rung with her words, and their impact on my heart. Those words, so simple, so hurtful. 
Your glasses are dirty, she'd say. 
Again. And again. And again. 
Tuck in your shirt, don't be sloppy. 
Why is there dirt on your boots?
That doesn't match. 
Geez, smile a little more, will you?

Actually, don't. That's worse. 
Why are you trying so hard?
Why are you trying so hard? 
Why are you tryi-

Stop it, stop it, stop it!!
My voice cried out. 
Her words, too true, struck a dagger into the soul. I knew they were true, but that couldn't be everything... could it?
Well, I like it, I replied, straightening my floppy t-shirt. 
She turned her head, thumbs twiddling as though in thought. I did that too. 
Well, maybe. I don't see it though.
I rolled my eyes, I see it... I think that's enough.
She raised her eyebrow. 
I stood my ground.
There are some things you just don't see.
But they are there.
And they are beautiful.

With that, I turned on my heels and walked out the room, the voice grown silent behind me. 
A beth r. prompt (you are amazing, and it is found HERE)
Write about what the mirror sees, and then what it doesn't.


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  • beth r.

    absolutely inspiring and powerful. you ARE enough :)

    6 months ago
  • don't you see the starlight (#TS)

    powerful. i loved what you did with this prompt.
    re: wow, thank you. what high praise! and the footnotes... yep. truth and lies and fiction and dreams are all just one big haze.

    6 months ago
  • Nyla

    Wow! This was such an excellent way of answering this prompt and I love how you ending it on a happy empowering note! The ending was just soooo amazing! And all the questions at once really brought through so much emotion and showed how ridiculous some of the things we think are! RE: Awwww thank you so much!! I'm glad you could feel the emotions and your nice words made my day!! :)))

    6 months ago
  • Tachi

    Re: what do you want to know? its meaning or where my inspiration came from? why I wrote it or why I spaced my word out as I did?

    6 months ago