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Hey, Brother!

January 3, 2021

Hey Brother,
How is your life going? Still working for that company you wanted to leave a long time ago? Listen or maybe I'd better say read, I know how hard it is for you to live almost on your own. Undoubtedly, you do borrow some money from our parents, aunty alongside our uncle and of course our grandparents. At times, you even require money from me and you successfully go fuck yourself as I tell you that no money will be given. Regardless of this fact, we are brothers and that's forever. We gotta respect each other, particularly when we have to live by ourselves in such a big, terrifying and difficult city as Kiev. No doubts that I'll help you sometimes in the future, even at the moments when you ain't in need of help. Hopefully, you'll do the same to me. By the way, 2020 has been quite a mess, hasn't it? To me personally, that's true. I still remember struggling with this f*cking German that, at the end of the day, was a blunder. Just imagine how much time I would've saved and spent for something great, like Vodka as our uncle says. Also, I was learning Python, remember that, right? Aside from Python, I recall myself learning HTML, Css, Jvs, C++. Damn, I was even learning C#. Now, guess what.. I forgot it! Yep, my brother I forgot everything I was learning so hard. In essence, time has been wasted in vain. Well, maybe not in vain, but not as meaningful as it could've been spent, actually. So far, I'm learning English, the only skill I haven't lost, just because I've been learning it on a daily basis. You know what, I ain't learning English, if we aren't talking of the new words I learn every day, I'm practicing it. My skills are high enough to say that I'm better than my aunty is, at some point. Besides, I'm studying Math, Ukrainian language and other pieces of f*cking bulls*it that's gonna be useless in my life. I haven't made up in terms of my profession. Bro, gimme a clue, what am I to choose? A Programmer? Perhaps, but not coding please, that will kill me. I'm really keen on using Sony Vegas for montaging videos, that truly makes me happy, even though sometimes that's hard as f*ck. How about a lawyer? Nah, no way. I trust the only one I can choose is something to do with computers. Hey, what about becoming a super IT military worker? I deem that'd be grate. Sorry, that was meant to be a letter to you with interesting elements, but not with me whining and complaining about my issues. How is your life, anyways? Looking forward to your letter. See you, BYE!
Your Bro


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