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one last favour

By: Fabiana250


why don't we go back
to the place where everything began
where the wind knows our names
and the trees were witnesses of our love

come with me
let's sit by the river
let the water take 
all our issues away

i wouldn't be asking you for this
if the rain would cooperate
and fall once and for all

because this flame in my chest
keeps growing 
even though our story is long over
my love for you doesn't fade

but now it's their happy season
and clouds don't feel like crying
so maybe reliving memories
will spark that flame in you again


Message to Readers

haven't written anything good lately, but i kinda like this piece so there you go :) hope you like it as well, what's your fav verse/stanza?

Peer Review

This piece was very well written I love it! It has a bittersweet tone to it and honestly you write wonderfully well! I adore the lines "where the wind knows our names and the trees were witnesses of our love" this piece is amazing wow i love it!

what influenced this piece?

Reviewer Comments

Theres nothing to add this piece was masterfully done good job! don't stop writing and keep going you have talent!