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Just a rough first draft, this was written after an upsetting day for me - it made me feel somewhat better but not yet, so we shall see. The title is very depressing, I suppose, but I think that is the feeling that the poem seeks to address. Nonetheless, I remain open to any and all sorts of suggestions!
I think towards the end it seems too optimistic and too forced (and two are two too many cliched statements haha), what do you think? Any feedback is welcomed :-)

I’m Down and Lonely But No One Knows

September 23, 2016


Empty apart empty alone,
this is when you feel when
you are on your own.
The judgements will come freely
as they always do
but you will come to be
as you’re always meant to.
“That’s only what people say,”
you may scoff, but there’s a grain
of truth because what comes may,
the warmth only comes after the pain and rain.
You feel this and you may know,
so listen to your better sense
and let yourself grow.


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