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Man, I’ve been here since the summertime of ‘17. Ik, I’m way too old for this shit.

•I don’t fuck with any forms of transphobia or homophobia
•don’t follow me or like any of my work if you’re racist or sexist

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she makes half of my soul, but she is all of my life

January 1, 2021


You are a rather hard piece of work, and that’s okay. Because I too, send the angels home weeping. 

When together, however, we melt - like cream, like mercury. All this time and all we know is the drip of the other on the crevices  of our palms. Do we know anything but this? No. Since the dawning of time and life, we have been in each other’s hold. Not once do you let me slip between your fingers. I am worth more than old wine to the rich, and more than spring water to the dry and drought-thick; you can’t afford to let me pour from out your hold. You must have me cupped in the bowls of your hands.


I am no better, however; I do the same. Handling you with exclusive adore and have you settled in my woven hands like a gift. You are warm and alive with soul and beat. Like a glass-heart. One heavy and shining with love of all things glamorous and charm. You are regalia, dear. Thus, I treat you as such. Gorgeously priceless, beyond that of porcelain and jade. You are fitting of a king’s  ransom, but too, his throne. But like a saint, you are humble. So you only take the money, and I love you for it.  

To have you break from my touch... To spill from out my hold...

I’d rather sit with Grim himself and offer him my best tea in my best China cup. What would follow next would be my whole existence itself. To avoid parting from you, my dear old friend, I would dine with death himself. 
Okay, first of all, this is a VERY platonic piece and it’s for my very best friend who is turning 18 in only two hours and I’m so proud of her and she’s my everything. She’s helped me through so much and I just love her to pieces. So I wrote about her because I’m a mess like that :)

secondly, I’m back for only three days on this site but I will get around to answering any missed messages (can I even call them that?) and throw a few crappy works onto the site as well. Promise! 


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  • crystalline•galaxies

    wow, this piece is gorgeous. the title reminded me of that one quote from the song of achilles: “he is half my soul, as the poets say.” i clicked because that caught my eye, and the rest did not disappoint. this is such a tenderly written work and i hope your friend has a very good birthday!

    4 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    Your writing is brilliant, but effortless. It flows so smoothly and is truly a pleasure to read.

    4 months ago
  • Wisp

    Aw! This is such a beautiful birthday piece! It's so sweet how you've written it and I'm sure your friend will love it to bits! Happy birthday to her! And I hope these three days for you treat you well before you leave!
    Replying: That means so much from a writer of your caliber! But don't worry, I actually submitted it to a lit mag instead, so we'll see what happens. And thank you for the prompt again! And you are just as talented if not more! Your pieces are beyond stunning and exquisite and I love them so dearly. The same goes to you, please don't ever stop writing. Your words are a gift, as are you.

    4 months ago
  • SunV

    Re: Oh! Have fun then, and it's a good thing you're taking a break from social media, we all need one now and then. And thank you! You don't know how much that means coming from such aa talented writer as you!

    4 months ago
  • SunV

    Firstly, happy birthday to your best friend! I hope she has a wonderful day!

    Secondly, why only three days? I know we haven't talked much, but your writing is amazing, and I would hate to see you leave....

    4 months ago