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December 31, 2020


whatever I'll say, It'll be taken down.
everything I need to get out of me is shot down like the youngest starling of the season
just let me speak
take the gag from my mouth, soaked in yellow paint
this world was meant for my words and we were made for each other
a vicious cycle of I'm on top, I'm broken on the ground, I'm on top, 
I'm six feet underground
and that's where I'll end up if you don't let me release the coiled up springs from my chest
let water crash over me and let me split my stomach so the stress can fall out
let me throw my red paint at the fires inside my mind
take the bonds off my fingers and let me write
let me write about my problems let me write about my pain
let me write about my scars and my urges and aches
wasn't this world made for my words?
let me write, then,
let me write my world.
everything I write about my issues with depression and self harm gets taken down by Write The World. I understand that it is triggering, but could I just put a trigger warning at teh beginnning of every piece like that? because I really need tehse thoughts out of me, like lactic acid.


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  • Wisp

    "wasn't this world made for my words?
    let me write, then,
    let me write my world."
    I definitely understand how you feel. A piece of mine was just taken down for intense imagery and I'm a little annoyed but whatever. Anyways, I love how you encompass that feeling in this piece. It's so raw and there's a pain within this piece that just makes the emotion in it even more captivating. I'm sorry your words are being taken down, but do know that your feelings are valid and that they deserve to be heard, no matter what others say.
    Replying: Yes!! You may absolutely call me Mist/Misty. The idea of it feels so sweet, and I definitely adore it Sunshine!
    Aww, thank you so much! He might actually get released this weekend, but it's a major might. I actually mainly got gift cards and money this year, so I'm pretty content. I love the idea of someone spending time to pick out a gift for me, but at the same time, sometimes they give you stuff that just isn't you and it's kinda like "what can I even say?" you know? Did you get a favorite present?
    I get that, especially with COVID going on, it's hard to see family and stuff. And the thing about not having energy, haha, I totally understand! Sometimes I just want to stay home and not worry about putting on a smile for others. And your grandparents' cat sounds so adorable! It's so sweet that he's been around your whole life!
    I can't imagine moving that far, I've lived in one place my whole life, and the only time I moved was to a city right nearby, so nothing changed for me. Is it at least nice where you're living? And yes! Yay presents!
    I tried doing the New Year's thing, but you know, it never really works out, so I kinda gave up on the whole idea haha. And with the new year coming up, hopefully it'll be a better year than this one. To me, it just feels like any other year (I don't really celebrate New Year's), and that's about it. How about you? Also, happy New Year (in something hours at least)!

    5 months ago
  • CDWillson

    ugh, i know the feeling of wtw treating mental health and identity pieces like the spawn of an evil wizard or something. it's extremely frustrating. kinda why i left for so long i guess. your health matters and there should be a dialogue about this stuff rather than ramming censorship down our throats.

    5 months ago